Student Nurse Accommodation

Hi guys,

Not sure if this or the QUARANC forum is the best place for this post - apologies if the other would have been better!

I'm looking at applying as a student nurse and was wondering what the situation with accommodation is while studying at Birmingham University. Does the Army provide separate accommodation or would I be living in Halls the same as civvie students? Also, my partner and I are thinking of getting married - would we be entitled to married quarters while I'm studying or only once qualified?

I tried the search function but couldn't find answers specific to student nurses - obviously 3 years of trade training is a bit longer than most so I wasn't sure how it would work.

Thanks in advance, and apologies again if this is not the right forum or these are really dumb questions!


Oh sorry, I thought this was a list of where one can find such accommodation in order to admire the buildings natural beauty of course. :oops:

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