Student loans so why not plumbers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Just been listening to some discussion programme on a podcast and some bloke came up with the idea of "vocation loans".

    Students get government loans with all kinds of easy payment options and the like so the same thing on the same sort of terms should be available for people who want to be HGV1 drivers or Plumbers, mechanics etc.

    I thought this was a good idea and wondered why this isn't already in place.
  2. I'm pretty sure it is, a proffessional bank loan? I remember reading about it when I was job hunting ages ago.
  3. At a guess, because thats what the various apprenticeship schemes are there for. Also having had first hand experience of the shambles that is the Student Loans Company and having to chase them for almost 2 years to get them to start taking payments off me I cant see such a scheme working with hundreds of thousands more in it.

    Never mind being able to keep track of who is actually using the loan for its intended purpose and who has taken it out, jacked their course in and fcuked off to Ibiza for 2 months instead.
  4. Do many students do that then?

    I would assume the payment goes to the teaching/testing company and must be paid back by the person taking the loan out.

    As for the apprentice schemes, do the companies that supply these get tax breaks or something like that?
  5. Only need to pay 9% a year back when you are earning over a set amount?
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Because the thieving Pikey bastards would **** off back to the family farm in Poland and giggle? Just a guess.

    Sorry. SORRY. I thought this was NAAFI Bar.

    Not many, but a fair few. The One I Cannot Murder is a lecturer and every year a handful of glazed eyed tosspots who she has never met turn up and ask if they can have an extension on their dissertation deadline. They learn a valuable lesson in life, viz: Look a bird in the eye before you decide to take the ******* piss.

    Apprenticeship schemes give you a free worker for 6 months. Some ******* will use this scheme as free slave labour, but hopefully enough kids will get a start (and 'apprentice' is not necessarily a kid. An 'apprentice' can be 60 years old)
  7. You'd be surprised, and thats people who are a few years older and supposedly more mature than the average 16 year old starting tech.

    Student Loans are paid directly to the individual, its up to them what they do with the money but they will only pay it back if they earn over (I think) 18k pa at some point in their career and will only continue to pay it back as long as they do at an interest rate of (again I think, this may have changed base rate + 2% APR). If you dont pay into the UK tax system you dont pay it back. If you never earn over the threshold you dont pay it back, and if you think fcuk it Ill just sign on its easier, you dont pay it back.

    So if operating the same scheme theres nothing to stop young Chardonnay signing up for a hairdressing course, getting her money, fcuking off to Ibiza for a mega holiday then coming back, jacking it and signing on for the rest of her life. But then Im a cynic.

    If such a scheme, were set up, it would need to be under different arrangements and would frankly need closer and better supervision and administration than the government is capable of. Simplest solution would be preferential interest rate loans from banks.

    As to the exact details of apprencticeship schemes, I think they do a work release and get their course fees paid in exchange for a reduced training wage but Im sure someone more knowledgable than me will be along shortly to confirm or correct.
  8. Why is everyone here assuming that the 'type' of person who would take a vocational training route to a career is the kind of person more likely to take the money and run than someone who goes to a wanky uni and signs on for a wanky degree?

    The prejudice is strong on this thread...
  9. In the 70's they had Go'vt run Skillcentres, usually 6 months, you got your basic benefits, if I remember correctly plus a few quid extra.

    Everything from plumbers, brickies, to hairdressers.

    Well supported by industry, most of the people got jobs out of it....... I was an engineer, but could see the writing on the wall and put in for a plumbing course.

    It hasn't made me rich, but I've earned a living, still earning now, unlike friends who were made redundant a few years back and can't get another job, especially at 60.

    It was a brilliant scheme, so good that bitch Thatcher scrapped it, now they are replaced by private schemes that charge thousands, and you are umemployable at the end.
  10. Because I know for a fact that more people who I went to school with who quit after GCSE and went to tech jacked than stayed on and gained useful qualifications; conversely more people I went to university with graduated than jacked. Its not prejudice its the nature of the beast that there will always be higher wastage levels at the lower levels of the education system than the higher ones by virue of the fact that to get to the higher levels one has to already have demonstrated their commitment by passing through the lower levels.

    And yes I know there is more than one way to skin a cat before anyone else accuses me of prejudice. My mate who Ive known since I was 14 now works a floor down from me doing the exact same job. He left school, went to tech and did NVQ's then a degree. I went the traditional route. I dont think its prejudicial to say that more people who started on either my Mechanical or his Building services Engineering degree courses are working in the industry than started on his Architectural draftsman NVQ at 16
  11. What you are looking for is a Career Development Loan, they have been in place for quite a while now.

    Professional and Career Development Loans: what are they? : Directgov - Education and learning

    Basically the bank gives you a loan and the government pays the interest on it while you are studying for your new career. Not quite the gucci rates that students get though. In fact the rates are positively shit in comparison. 9.9%apr.
  12. No,what you need is to put vocational training back into schools,and ditch the 'airy fairy' shite they teach now.

    The Secondary school I went to,in the late 50's,early 60's,taught virtually all the vocational skills you could want.

    First year,everyone got a 'taster' ,from the 'educationally challenged',to the 'Academic Wunderkind',with surprising results,Second year,everyone who had shown an aptitude for a specific skill did it as their Art/Craft periods during the week.

    It showed the people who had always struggled with subjects like,Maths,and English,that they had a talent,it also improved their academic skills,because they could see a reason to have the ability to read (instruction sheets,and working drawings),and the need for Arithmetic (measuring,adding,subtracting,multiplication,and division),when working with raw materials.

    I had a friend,who struggled with maths,all through school,but had a skill with Plaster,he left school on the Friday,and started at Shepperton Studios,on the Monday,someone had seen his work (the school had an employers Open Day at the end of each year),and had approached him via the Headmaster,even before he had left school.

    He is now retired,but this skill has taken him all around the world,on various film sets,and in his later years,he was in great demand doing interior renovations,in stately homes,all over Europe,and across the Atlantic,he will still tell you he has trouble with his 'times tables',but I've seen him work,he can look at a job,and give a quote,without ever using a calculator,and he never lost any money on a job!
  13. I thought the problem with apprenticeships is that they fell out of favour with the goverment(s) in the 1990's when they wanted more people to go to higher education and uni or work in service industries.
    That said however being in my early twenties i've seen both sides of the coin, 2 of my best mates from school got onto apprenticeships through companies and jobs and now ones a qualified sparky for the national grid and the others a mechanic, however my old man whos also a sparky whenever we talk about work moans about those who come to the firm through agencies or apply for jobs direct who've come straight from college with all the relevant qualifications yet have either no practical experiance or huge gaps in knowledge so at best are are slow and need supervision and at worst are a danger to themselves and others.
    That said who when they were at school was that dedicated to getting a job even when i was in my last year of school i couldn't of cared less about the real world despite how close it was, who wouldn't have tell their school age self to try a bit harder so you could earn more cash / get a better job in the long run. I bet my 15 year old self wouldn't ever have thought i'd be applying for a job with the environment agency.

    P.S. being back in my old town the other month it seems all the realy fit girls in my year the tall thin blondes with great tits and with just a hint of thong showing have now turned into right munters most seem to have gone proffesionaly pregnant smoke like chimmneys and still try to dress the same but being upwards of 15 stone and 4 kids it isn't the same, remember most of them in the final year were talking about being hairdressers or beuticians at college. how the times change.
  14. Because very few middle-class swing voters want their children to go to plumbing school.