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As a lot of the officers have a degree, I was wondering what you all did for money during your studies? Personally, I work in a supermarket and am in the TA (although it doesn't really pay much). Is there anyone in the world who managed to get a good job to help them through their studies?
TA, teaching French, helping foreign mongs, oh and I let the medical school perform experiments on me. Not as bad as you think, for one I had to take some pills & try to cycle for 20mins-ooh, bad! For another I had to drink 4 pints of cider and point at pictures on a board- that one was tough- not. Some others just had injections of stuff (like flu jab, Hep B vacc, a bit of steroids) & had blood tests. There were a few more but they don't pay too badly.


I was a stereotype when it came to student jobs, I was a barmen, builder, cleaner etc during my uni days.
There was one job that really stood out though, I was once a cleaner in a low grade mental asylum :D :D :D
Ahhhh the fun I had laughing at all the mongs!!!

There was an incontinent transsexual who constantly thought he needed the toilet. He would constantly ask to be taken to the toilet only to find he didn’t need to go but when he was taken back to the TV room he would then wet himself. That man was constantly in nappies, he really stank :D

There was an obsessive compulsive who spent his days shuffling up and down every flight of stairs in the building, along every corridor, in and out of every room, and walking around the garden, over and over and over.
He would spend an hour at breakfast when given rice crispys. He would each rice crispy one by one and chew each one 10 times before swallowing. It was the same story when served peas for lunch or dinner.

There was a catatonic woman who used to stand in the corner of a room and stare at the electric sockets while drooling.

There was an old man who used to spend all day laying on the floor, we were never allowed to help him up, he would get quite violent and attack if anyone touched him :?

There was a man in his 40s who thought he was 8yrs old, his room was filled with toy cars and trains.

I remember once when I went to clean one of the toilets I discovered a fresh steaming log on the floor next to the sink. I was horrified, I’d never seen poo on a bathroom floor before, one of the mongs was shuffling past while I was grumbling away in disgust – she took one look at the terd, picked it up in her bare hand and put it in her purse and walked away 8O

I think I was paid £3.75 p/h to work there, looking back I would have done it for free :D
I have earned money at uni by appearing in the Uni prospectus!

I also work as an untrained nurse (I mainly do it because I need the experience for post grad training, as its not the nicest job in the world) I normally earn around 75 quid a day, plus free food. Although I've just been put in contact with another agency who pays 125 quid for a 12 hour shift! So I'm getting the experience I need, plus pretty good money.
I have worked in bars, done some data entry (never do this - it will kill your brain), worked in shops...

I also tutor kids for GCSE and A-Level in the holidays.
"On call banking", 6 pounds per hour plus quarterly bonus payments.....quite a good income and you can work whenever you want as most banks are short of staff.......
TA, and worked for the university on one ocassion (sp?) showing prospective students round piece of piss got me £60 for an 8 hour day plus two hours training plus i got a free uni hoodie, t-shirt, and food. However was never asked to work at an open day again due to regaling potential students and mums/ dads/ partners with various annecdotes from my time at uni.

If your already in the TA speak nicely to the SQMS PSI and try to blag some MTD's doing odd jobs, worked for me i should get paid at least 7 grand before tax this year plus bounty kerching!!!!
i worked behind a bar, money was good & quite social. Also did some personal training at 50 squid an hour u cant beat it! ha! Also did the odd bit of experimentation work for others...but i remeber that being in exchange for beer & lucozade rather than money....

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