Student jailed for confronting muggers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Temple, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. sounds about right for this country.

    the problem is, all laws are subject to common sense... but common sense isn't common anymore.

    thus, the law says he chased somebody with a knife has to go to jail. fair enough. if somebody applied a bit of common sense to the law (as you're supposed to), they'd see he just wanted his phone back.
  2. God Help Us All!
  3. These decisions come about because of Daily Mail reading handwringers who demand zero tolerance in all cases. Ironically, they're the same people who kick off over stories like this.
  4. I know. Sympathy for students?

    What's the world coming to?
  5. If this report is true, then I'm surprised the CPS took it to court. I think most people would have acted the same in this situation, and it's not as if anybody was hurt.

    It would be a different situation if he had actually stabbed somebody - it's almost like the message being sent out is in all situations the victim must accept what has happened, and let the police deal with it. That's if they [the police] can be bothered to leave their Mars Bars and Daily Sports for a while, to do some policing.
  6. All Aboarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!!
  7. Pity there were no ambulance chasing lawyers around at the time to sue the man on behalf of the robbers, for stress, hurt feelings and anything else that springs to mind. Students? I hate them. I were one once :D
  8. :lol: So was I though usually only when the bar was open.
  9. It seems to me that that Hughes LJ applied the law in a common-sense way on appeal. The defendant appears to have pleaded guilty to both charges at first instance which is rather curious given the circumstances as reported in the press. If he has given chase immediately to retrieve his property then he is entitled to so so and the question turns on whether the force used by him was reasonable in all the circumstances. Consideration of that question is redundant if he has pleaded guilty.

    He has probably pleaded guilty because he was advised to with very little consideration of the relevant circumstances.
  10. Why didn't the soap dodging tax sapping student stab said thieving kunt? Poof!
  11. What is the this country coming too?
    Muggers than can't even mug properly! :x

    When I were a Lad we could mug with one hand behind us backs. Zzzzzzzzz :sleepy:
  12. Because he's a business studies student. Their normal method of getting rid of someone, is beating them to death with a rolled up copy of the Financial Times.
  13. I thought the usual way for someone doing a degree with "studies" in the title to see someone off was to say "thank you for eating in McDonalds, have a nice day" ;)
  14. :lol:

    Maybe he'd had a bad day flipping burgers which is why he reacted as he did.