Student 'Force Recon' walt -- help me out.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cowtipper, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, I haven't posted here much but I was visiting a good mate at university in Wales last week and met a proper fella who's his best friend. The shit he came out with was beyond belief and I just had to post it here.

    This guy is 22 years old, born 2 January 1989 and is currently studying for a degree. He reckons he joined up when he was 16 and served in something called 'Force Recon', which naturally he isn't allowed to talk about. His brother owns a small refrigerated van business in South Wales, not sure if this will twig any memories. It seems to have a modest (at best) income, at any rate.
    Anyway, was drinking with him and said mate in the pub and spent most of it with my gob wide open at the sheer audacity of the guy. Some of the shit this guy came out with was just unbelievable.

    The worst thing is, it doesn't seem to be limited to military claims, either — he drives a bog standard Corsa, and gave us a lift to the pub in it, but all the way there he was talking about how he's got an 'Audi R8 128 Spyder' which he uses to drive to work meetings and keeps in his workshop. My mate has never seen it but has been showed pictures of it on the premises of his work.

    Once we got to the pub, he started his spinning his ex-mil yarns, and here's just a taste of the shit he told:

    Any of this shit ring a bell, as in lifted from a video game / movie or something? I'm thinking he must have seen some of this shit in Black Ops or that shit series with Ross Kemp as an SAS bod.
    Bottom line is...This guy is at best a pathological liar and at worst a complete psychopath who's got a load of guns at his disposal.

    I'm new to all this waltfinder shit, though -- on the off chance that his story should be at all true, is there some way in which I can check whether he really is ex-forces? I can share his name etc. to interested parties who can take a look for me.
  2. All sounds about right to me. I am hoping to join Force Recon as well, just waiting for a reply from my application which is probably still sitting on the CO's desk.
  3. They have clock towers in Afghan ? Must have missed that one..
  4. So in exchange for a couple of pints, you got treated to a hilarious display of unrestrained walting, sounds like you got a good deal to me. He should do cabaret.
  5. I can't believe he told you as much as he did. At least he didn't mention his actual unit.
  6. Obviously have, they're on the top of every christian church in the country.
  7. Oh silly me.....And me forgetting its full of them too....

    you have to admit, its a excellent yarn....... based on a few films I think...
  8. He's smashing. He's be great entertainment on the lash.
  9. Oh it was fucking cracking stuff, really. He has clearly taken fallen for his own bullshit hook, line and sinker, though, since he had a sort of wild, crazed attitude about him while he was recounting his tales.
    This is the only thing that slightly worries me, really; it's quite possible he really is a complete fucking nutjob and has a closet full of pistols, in which case I'd prefer he not take my mate out with him when his eventual rambo moment comes.
  10. No it isn't, not unless he's a Registered Firearms Dealer. If he has a firearms of shotgun certificate and you genuinely think he's a nutcase rather than a harmless pub bullshitter, then call the local firearms licensing department, get the number off the force web site.
  11. 'He's also apparently got guns everywhere'

    Did he go to school in Dunblane, by any chance?
  12. This guy has a mate who is/was a recently deceased SF sniper who passed his free time as a "cum hunter-gatherer" ? Sounds like RAF Regt or David furnish Platoon Walt to me. :)

    What's the guy's name ? Gunny Highway ? Do the USMC Recon' accept Taffs ?

    As to having 'lots of guns', shop the cnut. Either he has them and definately shouldn't or he needs a wake up call to get him back from la-la land. Better to err on the side of caution rather than have the thought (when rather than if he goes bananas) you could have prevented it all ......

  13. The first rule of Force Recon............
  14. Introduce him to this lady. They seem to have much in common. Jodie Louise K (LCplJodieLK) on Twitter
  15. Crypto at uni, from Sandhurst to Major in three years and a tour of Iraq squeezed in for good measure, this guy is good!
    What is it with the young walts lately, buying medals and marching on remembrance Sunday is obviously not enough anymore.
    This guy is one unhinged and disrespectful cunt to those who do serve, a pintglass face interface would probably do him a favour!