Student escapes jail after posting malicious tweet

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Osok, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. In the Independent:

    Stupid bint.

    This is the sort of equality of nickings Arrsers have been demanding, but of extremists who spout this shit. This is I suspect, just a stupid ill-considered remark by a student fuckwit. Perhaps an easy target for the rozzers and courts because she's not an extremist like the ones who walk around with banners demanding the deaths of those who insult islam.
  2. Malicious seems a bit strong. Foolish yes.
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  3. Probably an easy target because she went and complained to the police about the responses she was getting!

    Never-the-less she posted what could be an encouragement to extremists so she should have had a few days at the comedy club to think about the foolishness of her ways.
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  4. Suggest you go out and break into a shop during a riot, get a prison term.

    Suggest people go out and murder others, get a community order.

    That's inclusive, multicultural Britain for you.
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  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I'd be somewhat surprised if anyone who posts here on a semi-regular basis is having an attack of the vapours over some fairly tasteless and badly judged off the cuff comments.
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  6. It is truly disgusting the number of people convicted by courts in the UK and the headline contains that damned phrase, "IS SPARED JAIL." It's surprising someone isn't keeping score.
  7. Agreed. She probably thought she was making a "joke" about fashion rather than attacking HM Forces.

    But isn't it a peculiar society we live in, where we use phrases such as "malicious tweet" without any sense of irony ?!
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  8. What an utter waste of police and court time. Yes it was a cunty thing to say but hardly incitement. Meanwhile a few nutbar mullahs in the UK are regularly calling for the extermination of Jews and homos with apparent impunity.

    Usual story of the authorities picking on an easy target.
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  9. No one is 'spared' jail anymore. It is just the default setting that they wont be banged up, and even if they are they wont get long.

    As mentioned above, those who actually preach hate are not affected at all... in fact most trouser thousands in welfare payments.
  10. I wonder how many of the people who sent her the threatening messages have also been picked up for sending malicious communications.

    She's a daft fuckwit, but so are all the others who rant back in faux outrage.
    Fucking grief whores

    Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
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  11. Only the ones who obligingly reported to the police station, in their own cuffs and with a confession stapled to their foreheads.
  12. If she hadn't been prosecuted a lot of people would be hopping on their outrage Trikes. As mac said, you can all fuck off, you outrage-by-proxy wankers.
  13. So does that mean people on here will be put against a wall and shot.
  14. So a English and politics undergraduate who we might assume had a little bit of intelligence, whose father is reported elsewhere as being, an "associate advisor for policing diversity" to the Metropolitan Police, and who works in Somalia for charities including US Aid and Prevent, combating extremism, made a 'inappropriate' comment which she now accepts was "distasteful and disgusting.".

    She closed her Twitter and FB accounts because of sick comments by others, but by doing so she could be viewed as drawing a line under the issue, but no then she makes a complaint to the police, playing the victim role or what.

    Those making the sick threats to her are pondlife for sure, but comments were in response to a sick comment by her, so her and the threat posters deserve each other, ah well telling tales has come and bit her on her derriere.
  15. Ridiculous situation. What she said was daft, and ill thought out, but in the scheme of things, it was no better or worse than some of the stuff Clarkson comes out with, and he's not been up in court for it yet.