Student drop-out rates - todays Times - made me chuckle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RRFHASBEEN, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Quote from today's Times about the official National Audit Office report into the high proportion of university students who dont complete their degrees.

    "The report also said that in an attempt to stop undergraduates becoming fed-up, lectures were being moved increasingly to the afternoon to give students more time in bed. It also stated that universities were repeating courses in the evening to make sure that students who missed earlier lectures and tutorials did not fall behind."

    Its not April 1st is it? When I was at university lectures started at 10 am and maybe I was just "nails" but I could cope with that even though I had an hour and a half journey in. Tsk, students these days!

    Here's the link, the bit I quoted is about a third of the way down.

  2. Come on, fairs fair. How do you expect students to rock up to leactures before at least midday. I mean Trisha doesn't finish until 1115!
  3. Universities should only be for the brightest, most capable students. Someone capable of only 5Cs at GCSE (if that is classed as an average acheivement, and the government are wanting 50% of the population to go to uni), is not a suitable university student. If only the brightest and most motivated went, there would be more money to support those from poorer backgrounds and mature students who really deserve to be there but aren't, because it costs too much. There would be higher standards and less dropping out as people would appreciate the education.

    I'm not saying other people shouldn't be given an education, there should be more vocational courses and apprenticeships so if people are going to put the effort in there is a job at the end of it. There are so many courses (e.g. medical physics / forensics / etc) that have no accreditation and pretend to lead somewhere (e.g. for a good career in medical physics, doing a pure science would be more helpful), it's just criminal, a waste of everyone's time and money.

    ....and breathe....
  4. It's all part of the "50% in Higher Education" malarky, I'm afraid. Most University professionals are pretty sick of pandering the the increasingly petty whims of a minority of students. There's this idea that, because, 'they're paying their way' they're customers and should get everything they want regardless of what they actually need . With this ethos saturating the 'market' (God, how I hate that word!) I'm not surprised we're losing sight of the whole point of Higher Education - to produce a rounded individual as well as an educated one.

    I had an almost stereotypically pushy parent once try to lecture me on what they expected since were paying their kids fees. She didn't take too kindly when I pointed out that a) Her LEA was paying the fees and b) little Tarquil's studies were actually being subsidised by the International Students' fees, all of whom managed to get to lectures on time despite holding down part-time jobs.

    Oh, it would be just a great place to work if it wasn't for all the fekkin students. :lol:
  5. Many of our lectures start at 9am, and most of the students are there, most of the time. When you involve yourself in over £20K of debt, you don't tit about like previous generations who've had their fees paid. The students I've encountered also live the University experience and party their arrses off, but so they should!, and most have part time jobs to help support themselves.

    I have found them to be motivated and exciting individuals to be around.
  6. I must admit - when I played at this sort of thing 20-odd years ago - I got my fees paid by the local authority and "Daddy" did bung me a few quid to add to my own money (which I'd saved working in BFPO 666 for six months!) - most/all of which ended up behind the bar at the local over the next four years.

    We rarely made to early-moring lectures - if we had, we'd have been even biggers pains in the arrse than we were when we pitched up at an 11:00hrs lecture with a ranging hangover!

    Mind you, the pubs opened at 10:30/11:00hrs, as I recall, so 11:00hrs lectures were a rare attendance anyway!

    How the hell was I expected to do 8hrs a week? Am I some sort of machine??

    Yours Spreadsheet_Bob BA(Hons) 2:1

    Edited because still a complete clown!
  7. People on here aware that the Army is seriously considering, or has already put in place, later start times in Phase 1 training to allow more sleep for recruits. Apparently, it's all biological and young peoples performance suffers if they are forced to these "early" time tables.

    I'm not saying I would agree with lectures only beginning after midday, but stones, glass houses, throwing?
  8. Most of my lectures start at 815am or 915 am my latest lecture ends at 7pm. I dont have a problem with it even if I am 2 drunk adn lazy t always make it to the 815 ones :p. If a student is going to drop out just becuase of lecture times then they shouldnt be at university in the first place.
  9. Aha....but in the olden days (mid/late '80s), we took a more strategic had the rest of your life to learn how to write reams of endless prose on the political structure in France (if, indeed, they have one!), but the serious business of heavy drinking needed to be mastered early doors...
  10. The drop-out rate for the Army must be close to 20% and we're paying them money!

    And I hadn't heard that we were planning to start later but, I guess, we could easily turn H hour into Z hour for those who cannot reach the start line on time! :D

  11. Its all down to places like The University of Bums on Seats (formerly Peckham Polytechnic):

    Oh i love satire, but it all rings a bit too true these days.

  12. The solution is quite simple. Pull the plug on the so-called universities that were formerly C of FE etc; raise the standards of A-level to those which existed in the 1950s; and return to the policy whereby only those academically capable of assimilating a university education (about 10% of the general population) went to university, instead of the current policy of allowing vast rafts of intellectual sludge to attend.
  13. Lectures should start at 9am. If they cant be bovvered to make them they will fail their course. As has been said, Uni should be for the brightest and not just anyone who fancies it for the lifestyle. A 20 yr old labourer on a building site has to be in at 7am or so, why the hell cant students make 9am?
  14. PAW, A-Levels are not a breeze.

    I'm. Not. Biting. ;)