Student digs Vs singlies accom

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Ok over past few years liebour and MoD making song and dance about how they are investing in new accom blocks but it will take time due to planning etc. Ok so can someone explain why new Student accom blocks can be thrown up at a rate of knots with almost the same if not the same spec as army accom, (single room/bathroom/ Internet connection/ cable tv etc communal area)

    Here in Preston they must have built enough to sustain at least a garrisons worth in 2 years or less so why the hold up? Sh1te contracts? etc or are the MoD just fcuking useless at major project management and if so why not just give the cash to the companies who build the student digs and let them crack on?
  2. Students = Future of Britain

    Forces = scum
  3. Damnit you have fallen for their propaganda and therefore must be shot.
  4. Don't worry i'm going to get myself IED'd in Helmand next year! :D
  5. There is money in student digs. Army accomadtion is a cost.
  6. My kid is in student digs

    I would have killed to get such luxury at that age, spoilt little brat :twisted: :twisted:

    I was the sprog by the door who got spammed for fire picket on a Saturday morning :(

    Kids today just don’t know how good they have got it :p :p
  7. Student loan:
    about £3500 a year

    about £3000 a year

    Yea it's a fcuking joy.
  8. £3000 a year?

    And you do what for the country in return?

    Exactly. Fcuk all. Admittedly you may end up in a position to some good for the country in the near future.
  9. How do they manage to go down to the student union bar night after night on such a pittance :?
  10. parapauk,
    I'm not interested in how much it costs it's your choice to live there. What I am trying to get my head round is that these seem to be built under PFI's and everything to do with planning applications etc(mostly in town/city centers) get passed pretty quickly and al loose ends squared away and built very quickly.
    Yet MoD drags it's feet often gets knock back from local Auth's even though they aren't in town centers will not cause disruption to locals who 9/10 would be pads anyway.
  11. You chose it. Why dont you do what my sister did and travel to uni because she never had the cash to get student digs. Better still. Be a real man and jack uni, join the forces and then complain about sponging student tossers. Go on, you know you want to.
  12. Im a T.A soldier and student and i pay £63 english pounds for my halls a week with free internet onnection it aint so bad.
  13. Dunno why forces accom takes so long to put up. Been at my uni 2 months, the new student blocks round the back that were started last year have gone from being roofless (in September) to being more or less finished structurally (as of late Nov).

    Initial costs are borne by the uni and then they contract out the day-to-day running (minor repairs, dealing with feckwits who break stuff when pissed, cleaning, etc) to a private firm. I'm paying £97.50 for an ensuite, kitchen mit all the fittings, daily cleaning, bins emptied weekly, free net connection, all utilities paid AND a bunch of likeminded people living within spitting distance.
  14. hmm, the new blocks in PRB(G) went up like lightening...that said, a bit of teutonic efficiency may have contributed?

  15. Yes!