Student call ups?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by trombone84, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. I work full time for an employer who says i can't volunteer to go to a hot sunny place. One day a week i'm on day release to college to do a course that they paid for.

    Is it true that I can't be called up because technically i'm a student? Is there a way to get round this?
  2. yes volunteer

    nothing should stop if you really wish to go
    however balance that against the fact you may not have a job to come back to if you do volunteer
    better to be mobilised 'involuntarily'
  3. If you volunteer, no job guarantee.

    If you get called up, it's a whole different story.

    Ask your TA unit.
  4. students are exempt mobilisation, not sure if your circumstances count though.

    Do you work for a big employer? If you are might be better to get a new job and no piss the big employer off..and making it worse for the rest of us
  5. Not sure about those who are working but on day release to college but those in full time eDukation (i.e uni) are exempt from a call up. However its pretty easy to get around this as I and several other blokes I know just took a year out of uni and jetted of to the sand pit and started back the following year.

    If in doubt check out Sabre, they have a rep that checks these boards so drop them a PM.

  6. So i can be involuntarily mobilised depite being a dirty work dodging student one day a week? Only my troopy says otherwise.
  7. Having had a quick check of the FAQ (always a good start) being a student it doesnt exempt you from being called up it just gives you good grounds to appeal.

    Besides is it not only those who volunteer to be mobilsed since Dec 2005? A quick check will reveal.

  8. the only student that are exempt are those in OTCs and thats because they are group B. you can still be a student and be in Group A TA therefore are entitled to be called up
  9. Almost certainly irrelevant but perhaps interesting from a historical perspective:
    I was a student at the time of GW1 and was in a TA Inf unit. I had avoided joining an OTC because I wouldn't have got my £750 bounty (I had been in for three years at the time)
    I was on 24 hour standby (in theory :D ) but I suspect that an OTC serviceman wouldn't have been liable for call up.

    For what it's worth....
  10. 'fraid you can, as OTC can be called up, but only in exceptional circumstances, after the first year they(OTC cadets) are classified as trained soldiers, I haven't the act information to hand but it could happen!
  11. The TA is currently operating under the banner of intelligent mobilisation.
    If you get called up and your employer is against it he can appeal and you won’t be going anywhere.
    Of course you can always tell your boss to ram his job and then you’ll be free to go but as he’s currently giving you training I’d advise you to keep him happy for now and take him for all the qualifications you can get.

    Remember, the TA doesn’t pay the bills, your civvy job should always come first.
    From the looks of things the sand pit still has many years left in it.
  12. You're only have grounds for appeal if your in full time education, which, by doing one day a week, you ain't!
  13. I disagree.

    As I understand it you have grounds for appeal against call up if you are studying on a formal career related training course which will be disrupted if you are called up.

    I dont see it really makes much difference if it full time or part time.

    If you choose not to ask for an appeal then thats your business.

    However you said your civvy boss wont let you go. At the moment all they have to do is say they dont want to release you and you wont get called up.
  14. Sorry mate but thats absolute rubbish. Read the OTC interim report available on ArmyNet. Group B TA are not liable for call up under any circumstance. after the first year OCdts have only passed MTQ1. Plus they never train in CBRN, LOAC, covering only a few of the MATTs. if you need persuading i'll get the info later
  15. That's not what it says on the notice paper. Both groups A and B can be called out by HM.