Student Bounty?

Ive just finished a year at college doing uniformed services and currently in the last stages of application, I have a mate who is on uniformed services atm and apparently they are offering student £2000 to apply for the army, do a year of this course ( which is like cadets,full time and 3 PT lessons a week, and outdoor land nav once a week) once you start the course you get £1000 and once you start basic you get another £1000?

Anyone clarify on this?
Wheres my monies! :p

It's called the Army FE Bursary scheme. It's for students who are studying year long course at college and who then want to go on to join the army. It has to be a course that the Army would find attractive ie catering, engineering etc. Once you've signed up for the scheme you will recieve £300 in the first term, £700 in the second and £1000 on sucessful completion of basic training. However, not all colleges are signed up for it. Speak to your tutor or local Army careers advisor about it.
My college i was at was signed on for it and it was a course the army reccomended as it prepared you for things etc, Im just wondering as i never knew about it if i can claim some free monies ? :p
Will ask afco tomorrow
If you're nearly at the end of your final year, i doubt it. The scheme doesn't really start until September this year. So it looks like you just missed it. The only way round it would be for you to do another year at college, then sign up for it.

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