Student Auctions Virginity On Web

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PoisonDwarf, Mar 21, 2004.

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    A lesbian university student who auctioned her virginity on the internet to pay for her studies is reported to have had sex with the highest bidder.
    Rosie Reid, 18, from London, slept with a 44-year-old BT engineer in a hotel room in Euston after he paid her £8,400, the News of the World reports.
    But she told the newspaper: "It was horrible... I felt nervous and scared."

    She hatched the plan to avoid graduating with debts of £15,000 from her Bristol University degree course.

    Daft cow...she could've sold it on ARRSE and gave us all a laugh.
    I must say...the word Wh0re springs to mind.

    p.s. she's not a very good lesbian is she?
  2. Take it to the NAAFI.

    I hate students anyway.
  3. £8400? For fcuks sake! For that amount, I could have bought a 3 grand motor, some class A Columbian marching powder, driven to the smoke and found a tart who pretended to be a member of the corps of nuns and spent the remainder on a top weekend on the pi55 with enough change left over to buy a Phillapino for every day of the week until Chrimbo.

    The BT engineer that paid the split arrse must be a complete 'Darwin candidate'. If anyone has his address, I have boot full of 'fresh Tibetan air' for sale from the back of my XR3i, meet me at South Mims Services. C0ck.

    Having said that, she cant be that daft. All the One Time Lookers I know, make in the region of a score for a knee trembler and half a monkey for the Khyber Pass. I'll bet she had a boat race that looked like a bag of smashed crabs though.
  4. Was her virginity verified by a medical practitioner

    I bet she has seen plenty of ersatz pork in her lesbian past.
  5. Nice one. 8400 quid for 5 minutes beneath some fat, sweaty, t*sser, then 15 grand for selling her story to the Sun, Mail, express etc.
    This girl is going to go far.
  6. She'll be on reality TV before the year is out [I guarantee it]. Or Newsnight holding Germaine Greer's hand. Reviewing the week' singles on Des & Mel at a push. Hopefully not her own Saturday morning kids show.

    She's a GWAR by the way! Face like a 747....plain (plane)...[that was a pretty low pun I agree] :( Here's her picture:
    [​IMG] 8O
  7. Clever girl, good idea

    I might put my virginity in the classified adds.

    I might be tempted to lie and take all bids and not tell :D
  8. virgins are few and far between in my area :lol:
    over the legal age i mite add :wink:
  9. Hmmm.. a face like a 747 that has just gone CFIT. And then burnt.
    Or, even a face like a napalmed-dungheap.
    ( I am only jealous, because if I tried to auction my hoop online, it would probably struggle to reach reserve price)
  10. Can just see it now
    "quote from evening herald" Person with light blue coloured scrotum untouched, bleached, but readable words on underside, seeks virgin with matching print, red in colour. All enquiries treated immediately with innoculations, a health warning and no ice or lemon. Untainted virtue guaranteed. For a small fee. Previous applicants need not apply as they may be in breach of something they dont realise they have...... :wink: :lol
    Getting me coat whilst typing...... 8)
  11. You already did that so stop kidding yourself on. Qman had yer hoop for £1.75.
  13. no comments?

  14. Seeing as the leagl age to you is 11 you would know all about that wouldnt you :twisted:
  15. What do you call a virgin from Middlesborough?

    An orphan.