Stucked in Brussel!!!

Discussion in 'Travel' started by sweet_cheek, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. As we all know a volcano paralised most of the Europe. I managed to get to Brussel where I was gonna take a coach. But unfortunately not only me had this briliant idea. All coach and train tickest from Brussel are sold out till about Tuesday. So what to do or see in Brussel then???

    I was also thinking of going to Paris for a couple of days and then get back from there. But Paris on my own.. :(
  2. the Tin Tin museum......
    and to eat sit in the Square with moules and frites and a very large cold glass of local lager
  3. Belgians. Fcuking hundreds off 'em.
  4. Lucky you, I'm stuck in the middle of the North sea, when I should be home in the pub, celebrating Tottenham's last 2 wins. And the cnuts won't send a boat.

  5. As long as it's all sorted by the 29th, I'm driving back to England for a Bty reunion! :)
  6. Just for the record and maybe not quite what you are looking for:
    Royal Military Museum
    Other than that: Frittes, Merguez and beer from the chippy next to the Bourse - and, as the weather is lovely - to be consumed on the steps of aforementioned building. Hmmm
  7. there is a pub in brussels that sells hundreds of different beer. think it is just of the street that is reastaurants one after the other. as for the military museum well worth a visit and its free just like the motor museum next to it.
  8. Go to a restaurant called Des Aux Des Armes (or very near that spelling) it means the coat of Arms I think and its quite a famous eatery. Grab a litre glass full of shrimps, a bit o bread and some mayo and wash it down with a few glasses of Trappist beer. Heavenly. Incidentally I am stuck out here too, but...... the longer the better !
  9. Forgot to mention: Cantillon Brewery
    Anybody with a car, which you obviously haven't or you wouldn't be 'stucked', a visit/pilgrimage to Stock Americain on the N5 past Waterloo. Vast selection.
    Oh yes, and Waterloo
  10. Thanks for all ideas. I guess mussels and fries in the square is my favourite idea so far. I managed to get a coach ticket for Thuesday evening so I have few days to wonder in the town.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I worked there for three months, without being mean might I suggest a train to Amsterdam, its only 3 hours ;)
  12. I guess Ill pass on the trip to Amsterdam this time. I prefer to use those two days to see as much as possible in Brussel ( let me eat as much as possible of mussels :) ) than not to see to much in both places....but thanks for advice.
  13. Ill try to find that pub. I have been once in a Belgium pub in London and had there an amazing cheery beer....yam yam.