A man is driving along with his wife in the passenger seat. During the drive, the wife feels randy. She starts taking off her clothing piece by piece and tosses them out the window.

The guy is shocked but aroused. She gets her shoes, stockings, etc and chucks them out. Finally, she whips off her knickers and bra and throws them out onto the road. Her husband is laughing and leering at her. He loses control of the car in the process and crashes into a tree.

Unfortunately, the air-bag doesn't go off on his side and he finds himself wedged in under the steering wheel. "Help, go get help ... I'm stuck," he shouts.

"But I have no clothes on. What should I do ?", she screams.

"Here", he says wiggling his foot, "Take my shoe and put it over your pussy. It will have to do love. Quick, hurry!"

She takes the shoe off his foot, holds it over her pussy, covers her boobs with her arm and gets out of the car. After a few hundred yards of yelling and running, a trucker notices this naked hysterical woman holding a shoe over her pussy and pulls over.

"What's the trouble?" he asks.

"Help me," she screams, "My husband is stuck!".

"If he's stuck up that far I'm afraid I can't help you love."

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