STUCK UP COW - Mind I would

Id corrupt the stuck up slut, force my cock right up her sweaty hoop and then make her gag reflex work covered in her poo.....
Not stunning but a good fisting might improve it slightly..
^^^^^ whilst fisting ANAL dry of course - ensure that you have the duty chav's soveriegns on, for added effect
Well she's not exactly a super sexy slut...but I would.
Whoever she is, she's a Moose! Who is she, by the way? And why should we be interested in her opinions of herself? Ugly fucking cow.
Yup, had better and they didnt have such a high opinion of themselves.
To be honest, I would. But I wouldnt boast about it or put pictures on arrse in an EODMat style.


I would like to clarify that if she was on a plate I would like a shot. That however is not saying much.
Looks a bit mouthy. Probably worth a go if you sew her lips up first so she can't talk your ear off.
Well equipped for a tit fuck to be sure.
Only because she's leaning forward. Suspect they'd disappear into her armpits if she was lying down.

Honestly, not a minger but only about average in the general scheme of things.
Done much better,,but yes I would,,again and again.....

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