Stuck On where to go.

So i went on a insight course with my school to a army base about 3 years ago for a week i think it was. (1 Rifles i think) so we did all the army stuff somethings we missed out on because of the weather e.g Assault course. So i came home thinking WOW I absolutley Love the army i enjoyed so much i didn't want to leave the base.

In the mornings when we woke up at about 5:30 6:00 i woke up ten minutes early already raring for the day. And then on I've wanted to join the Military especially the Rifles but the problem is that I want to join the Rifles but don't feel like i could be living up to my true potential unless i joined the marines.

I've thought about joining the Paras but i'm not to good with heights what should i do ?

Don't say flip a coin please.
You would wear the rifles cap badge and Army Commando shoulder flash.

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