Stuck for Christmas presents for people you really hate?

Rather the turd in a box which is my normal trick, I think I now know what everyone on my hate list is getting for Christmas...

Try the Bradford Exchange.

I'm not sure whether to go for the truly shocking John Wayne replica knife,

or the gayer than gay Ride Hard, Live Free Men's Biker Ring?

I just hope that they can deliver in time for Christmas...

I'd appreciate it if fellow ARRSErs could recommend some worse Christmas gift ideas, as my sh!t list is pretty long.

Have a look here, for some real tat.

Mind you, the water-bomb launcher went straight in my letter to Santa...

Deleted 20555

My oldest mate in a moment of weakness told me that the rabbits that he had bought his kids (my God children) were great family pets and that he was quite fond of them.

I have taken to sending him rabbit recipes attached to all my emails (there are hundreds of ways of cooking rabbit) but as xmas is coming I am sending the kids - 5 and 7 years old, their own rabbit walking harnesses!!!

These were purchased at some expense on the web together with rabbit walking leads etc - I will ask my dear God children to send pics of them all walking the pet rabbits in the local park....

My mate will be well and truly in the pooh, either he will be a bad father if he tells his kids that he won't help them with their rabbit walking gear which will lead to his xmas being ruined OR he will be forced to harness some pissed off rabbits and fend off the local dogs as he tries to talk them for walks on the's basically a win win situation.

Am a bit worried as he keeps making noises about sending my 9 year old a giant bloody radio controlled dragon fly though.....
Good stuff at the Fetish page :twisted:
How about a bottle of homebrew Wine made from your own piss ... or your dogs piss.
The13thDukeOfWybourne said:
How about a bottle of homebrew Wine made from your own urine ... or your dogs urine.
Or just go down to Yates pub for some of that stuff.

I suppose you could send your elderly uncle a wreath or a coffin. :evil:
When I asked my dear old dad what he wanted from Santa a few years ago, he replied "Don't get me anything son. I don't need anything"

Christmas morning he came round to visit and I gave him a nice shiny golden box from Clinton Cards. He opened it and started to sift through the shredded paper inside looking for the pressie.

He looked blankly at me and said, "It's empty"

"You wanted nothing so I got you nothing. But wrapped it in a lovely box"

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