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Stuck Canopy

What you guys need is some pikey, 14yr old, Burberry-clad, hoodie-wearing ratboy with a coat hanger. He'd have had them sorted out in no time and it wouldn't have cost the taxpayer almost 200 large.

Mind you, they'd probably have to pay him $20 to "Watch out for your ride, mate? Y'know- just to make sure nothin 'appens to it, like" and even then, the Datalink equipment would have been ripped out and it'd be up on blocks.
A very nasty predicament to be in, particularly while sitting on an ejection seat. Lacking the press-on spirit as I do, I am always concerned that one system failure I know about might lead to others that I don't know about - yet. Presumably the ejection sequence starts with blowing the canopy off - I don't see anything in the canopy breaking line.

Just nuts for the fire rescue chaps though, to whom I will always doff my headset.

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