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Stuart Lubbuck Report

Is it me or does this case of a young man dying, and no one brought to justice just get more frustrating each time they hear it?

Poor Stuart Lubbock was found dead at a party frequented by drug taking homosexuals, one of which is a well known celebrity, and dies in suspicious circumstances with injuires similar to having (forced) **** sex. Yet, no one hears, see's or in fact does anything to help poor Stuart.

Essex police obviously blew the chnce of a conviction and yet only now after 8 years admit to that. Well done! Great but still no prosecution, or conviction.

Is it time for Essex's finest to secure a prosecution and bring these evil scum who, possibly unintentionally, killed Stuart to satidfy their own sexual lust, to answer for their crimes?

BBC News
Yes, I agree with you on this one, the manner of his death to me is horrific to say the least.

I am at a loss as to why no one has been bought to justice on this.


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It is difficult to understand why plod screwed the investigation up, but I'm afraid Mr Lubbock's orientation and his chosen lifestyle (drugs etc) does not tick any of the boxes required for public sympathy/outrage to kick in. I find it difficult to board the outrage bus on this one too. No doubt a shortcoming on my part.
Plus the "well known" celebrities career hasn't exactly been up there with the megastars since then, has it?
What was the old joke, no ashtrays in his house cos he throws all his fags in the pool?
At the end of the day the only reason this is STILL in the news is because Stuart Lubbocks Dad cant face up to the fact that his Son was fisted to death by Michael Barrymore (alledgedly).

He was on the news wearing a Tee-Shirt saying 'Who killed Stuart Lubbock'?

Ill tell you mate, Michael Barrymore (alledgedly) with his fist (alledgedly).

Lets save the taxpayers money for bombs and bullets not pandering to deluded parents whose kids died because they like getting fisted (alledgedly) etc etc...


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It happened at Barrymore's party, I'm not sure if it's been alleged that Barrymore done it. Speculated about perhaps but there were others present.

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