Stuart Hazell Goes Guilty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Although judging by the content of the article, his reason was allegedly to spare the family from having to go through any more. Further the letter quoted that he wrote to his dad from prison still seeks to suggest it was some sort of accident. So he is pleading guilty but not accepting his culpability.

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  3. In other news, her grandmother has been charged with not having the regulation 270mm loft insulation.
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  4. 12 years old.

    I don't know how he suggests that it was an accident. I just find it unacceptable to say to the court "I'll plead guilty, its just that I don't accept that any guilt actually attaches to me" which is what he appears to be saying. Doubtless he'll explain it to his fellow cons while he is serving his time.
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  5. Think you have your cases mixed up mate.
  6. Hopefully the court will see it that way too, and the parole board, the scumbag will get his.
  7. For seven years?
  8. Apologies. I do
  9. I can only hope he will get a whole life term,it's the very least that should be handed down to him Imho.
  10. Comment removed at the request of elovabloke who found it inappropriate.
  11. It's hard to see how, in this modern day of DNA testing and advanced questioning techniques, it took them this long to determine his guilt. Just look at him ffs - with a grid like his, how could he possibly be innocent?
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  12. More likely she was seriously sexually assaulted prior to her murder.

    Maybe it caused severe internal injuries.

    Mr Hazell must have some small hope he will see daylight outside a prison again then.

    What a great country we are; this, some North Wales girl locked up for 5 x murder as she set a pram on fire killing a whole family, that bastard over in Machynlleth.

    Cracking advert for the UK.
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  13. Accident?

    Then why hide the body in the loft?

    Dirty, paedo, spineless weasel.

    When I finally make it to the top I'll be e-baying the rights to shoot people like this.
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  14. I've got to admire the bloke. I've never met anyone with SPACE in their loft to stick anything, let alone a corpse they want to hide. I think they should check his wall cavities - they're's probably a liquified April Jones / Maddie in them.

    I can just see the search team stood in his front rooms saying -' Well, Winthrop would move out 3oo metres metres to the carriageway.....look left and see a prominent mosque......'