Stuart Hall- Another celebrity drawn in to the Saville affair

So, he d been having a few "knock-outs" with Some burds in France?

The age of consent in that far-away land is 12 anyway, oder?

Those frenchies were gagging for it on his euro-shows.
Did he drop his pants and insist they play his Joker?
IIrc He has been talked to about this before as well as being a bit light fingered.
BBC are reporting that he has now been charged.
So it would seem:

"Broadcaster Stuart Hall has been charged with three counts of indecent assault.

The 82-year-old from Wilmslow in Cheshire has been charged following complaints to police about alleged incidents involving three girls aged between nine and 16."
The funniest thing, if indeed this sort of stuff is funny at all, was the comment that "police say the allegations are historic". You would sort of have to have a bit of respect for the guy if the 82 year old did it yesterday, wouldn't you?

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