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Stuart Hall again and again ad nauseam!

He's not coming out, I'm sure of that one! Why don't the Police take new allegations and split them down into individual complaints? Then, in few months time when SH is released from his ridiculously short sentence, do they not just arrest him and drag him through the legal wringer on the next one. Send him down..... wait for his release and then do the same all over again, ad nauseum until all the cases are disposed of on a one by one basis.
Trying the cases by lumping them all together, as was done here, basically means he gets about a week for each offence.
They could have sent him down for a reasonable time first time round.

He received the maximum under the guidelines in place at the time but instead of being sentenced to serve his time concurrently he could have had the sentences run consecutively.
Why weren't they, what is the distinction in sentencing particularly given the abhorent nature of the offences.

I'm not a great lover of the American's however they seem to have pinged it right when it comes to sentencing. A similar reported case over there got 2 years for each of the 120 offences. Consecutive.

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