Struggling wounded soldier

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by geom, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Im a hard working soldier with good reports and am trusted and respected by the NCO's and privates alike. Unfortunately while on tour i was critically wounded and suffered a life threatening gunshot wound. Since then i have been downgraded to P7. i was due for an NCO cadre just before i was injured. My injuries may be with me for the rest of my life and im not likely to be 100% again and will probably never be able to do the cft and pft ever again. What career do i really have left. Ive been told i cant get promoted without the NCO cadre and no one seems to want to help. ive asked about alternatives but get the same stuff shoved down my throat about NCO cadre. Anyway does anyone know of any alternatives for promotion. i had considered some sort of storeman course considering i have taken over the stores as well. i had also considered a signals alternative but im reluctant to moving platoon. anyway all advice would be appreciated. at the minute im drowning here. its a kick in the balls to see sprogs getting promotion opportunities over me and no help even though im the most experienced private in the platoon and came second in the platoon standing despite including my physical problems.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I can't offer any advice at all but I'm sure others can.
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  3. Straight to Help For Heroes you are why they exist:

    General Enquiries - 0845 673 1760 or 01980 846 459
    Help for Heroes - Unit 6, Aspire Business Centre, Ordnance Road, Tidworth, Hants, SP9 7QD
  4. Although H4H are fab at what they do - I don't think they'll get a serving soldier through the NCO cadre.

    I may be wrong though??????
  5. You are right **** him just send Whisky and paracetamol.
  6. What the flying **** was that for?

    H4H are not going to help geom in his advancement for promotion.

    @geom - chin up fella. See what options are open to you and persue them. If you are still serving following your gunshot wounds then you are to be commended. Don't write yourself off and don't give in to petty jealousies of younger sprogs being promoted over you.
  7. i make myself an asset as best i can but there no way i can do a cft or pft. my collar bones shattered, lung shot to pieces and in general fucked up but i still want to go forward. it would be easy to give up. but i want promotion. i know what im doing. ive had privates of all experience say i would be a great nco and they would respect me. For **** sake i turned down sandhurst because i felt non commissioned was the best way to really properly work with the guys. i cant take a 22 year career spent as a private being passed by friends and fucktards a like.
  8. Mate, sorry to hear about your wounding and the impact it has had on your career; I think it is fairly safe to assume you are an Infanteer and are therefor more likely to recognise the limitations such an injury wil place upon your ability to perform an infantry role ever again, given the seriousness of the injury you describe. Have you spoken to your Bn Welfare Officer about your concerns? Have you discussed in a frank way the likely outcome with your RMO, I know he/she may not be directly involved with your care (dependant on whereabouts you are in the chain so to speak) but he/she may well give you a honest opinion as to your options going forward into recovery.
    I will be honest with you mate, if I were a CO I would look only to fill precious places on a cadre with those who would then be able to on to do the job. If I was in your shoes I think I might look at another military career pathway.something not so physically demanding as a long term goal; in the short term mate give yourself a break! You have survived a life threatening wound and come through the other side, give 100% of yourself to getting yourself back to the point where you are the best you can be, it may not be the best you were, but you will know you are the best you can be at that time and then you can argue your points from a position of strength.

    Just my opinion of course with 25 years of mil experience.
  9. So your whole contribution is 'man up and crack on'? Help for Heroes specialise in serving casualties. Probably the best first point of contact for help.

    This person needs realistic advice, Help for Heroes or RBL are the best start points.
  10. im open to transfer. had considered arty or army air corp but i want the pride of promotion. it makes me look like an asset to other units plus if i get lance jack then i know i can do mortar standards (might involve a little suffering but i would put up with it) and get full screw and i think the all arms store course can get me up to sgt possibly. the first step is killing me!
  11. no whole point is not 'man up and crack on' I should have added there other agencies available for advice as well but that point seems to have been well covered. had you wanted some sycophantic acknowledgment of good advice then you 9as I have just done) should have made things clearer. My humble opinion is that of a military view from within the military, not a charitable organisation however well intentioned it may be. I believe someone else has already stated 'H4H' will not run JNCO Cadres!
  12. I would suggest that this is not the best place to discuss this.
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  13. H3

    H3 LE

    Concentrate on your health for the moment and as already said speak to Welfare , you've got through the worst so the next stage of your life will be to go for what you think is best for yourself .
    Could you look into changing to a core as a Tech trade !!!! Just a thought as I have no idea how it all works these day's ..... I suppose that's what you need are Ideas on how to make the best out of a shit storm.
    All the very best for your future ..... Beers on me !

  14. You are of course correct to your limited experience. The military will drop this guy like a brick, the sooner he gets into the support system, the better.

    Did you not notice SDSR?
  15. Mate was that comment necessary? Is it a foregone conclusion? Are you making the decisions?