Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kmarkb87, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. i have been banging my head against the wall thinking if i should mention it for my icebreaker.

    its the question of "Whats your most memorable moment in life?"
    to be honest i hate these kinds of questions cause my most memorable moment in life is not really good. can i just say " My most memorable moment in life is yet to come once i join the army" LOL ???

    or i was thinking just telling the truth (my recuiter already knows) that i went prison oversease (held on remand) for 5 months for something i did not do. But it helped me stop wasting my time once i got out and be focused of what i really wanted to do which is the army. ?? i need your advice
  2. Tell the story about your prison experience. At least it might not be boring. Also, no-one will know much about the subject so it lessens the chance of someone asking you a bone question on the subject matter.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Seems perfect to me.
  4. Mention some story about a sporting achievment at school football match, or you climbed Snowdon etc (Sport based) or you helped an old couple move house (team worker etc)
    Doesn't have to be truth based just something thats shows what a valuable person you are, and before anyone says anything, we all b/s our CV!

    Failing that just tell how you were bummed in a Turkish prison, at least they'll have a giggle.
  5. Tell the truth, it will probably be one of the more interesting icebreakers.
  6. Do you? I don't.
  7. Don't knock my Crayola abilities
  8. im really really bad at putting together a nice paragraph for a presentation ever since school and college. how should i put it together? its a lot of experience you know, dont you think its gonna take long or its a bit too much?

    here's a bit of experience but can you help me reword it or something?

    "my most memorable moment in life is when i was held on remand for 5 months oversease for something i did not do. I experienced living in an overcrowded cell the size of a typicall living room here in the UK with 35 other inmates. i was told to be lucky because it was the less crowded cell in the whole prison but it still felt like its way overcrowded. there was only 4 bunkbeds and the rest of the inmates had to squeeze themselves on the floor...i was offered one of the bunkbeds by an inmate for a price and i took it. inmates who owns and sleeps on the bunk beds usually are the leaders and vice leaders of the cell and other inmates who are well respected. in case they get set free he has the right to give it to anyone if he cant sell it.

    is that too much or too little? how should i end it with a sentence? sorry im really bad at this
  9. which one? the prison or the yet to come?
  10. LOL ok i'll think of something, but its harder to lie tho and im not good at it
  11. How long does it have to be? That would take all of 60 seconds to recount to your audience.

    I would start with a mock of the A-team opening, stating you were in prison for a crime you did not commit.

    I would explain what you were supposed to have done, and why you were arrested. Beef the talk out. Talk about daily routine, what you disliked, what you liked (if anything?) and any particular events you encountered. Don't try and sound at all pleased/big about being in prison, as you'll come across to the DS as a bit of a dick.

    Possibly state at the end that although you didn't enjoy Prison, you came away with some positive experiences (living in crowded/basic conditions etc) which you feel may help you with your Army career.
  12. well i can see why that is your most memorable moment however, i agree with llech, try and find a more positive memorable moment, you dont have to lie though... surely theres something youve done, such as walk up snowdon like hes said or found something particularly difficult but still keep going? and dont forget you get 4 mins to do the ice breaker so it doesnt have to be that much either, at pre selection we were told to use up as much time as you can on your jobs and training and just touch upon the other things such as family and most memorable moment
  13. How can you most memorable moment be one you haven't had?By it's very definition it must have occurred in the past - or else it wouldn't be memorable would it? How can you remember something that happens in the future?
  14. Haven't you ever snapped your banjo string? Tell them about that.
  15. thanks for this one, i'll give it a try