Struggling to get SL to run?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Minxy, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. If you are struggling to get SL to run (if it crashes as soon as it loads or in the middle of loading) then try a different viewer.

    The current SL programme (official) programme causes an awful lot of problems for many people, fortunately there are a number of ways round using the Official release:-

    Try one of these:

    Onrez Viewer

    Or one of these options (please read info about viewers before you do it)

    Nicholaz's Viewers

    Old School or Bleeding Edge should probably run well on a slow machine...

    Also non Nicholaz viewers listed...
  2. Oh...I use Onrez and Bleeding Edge.

    Im going to download Old School and see how that runs.

    Dont have a problem with either Onrez or Bleeding Edge if you cant get on due to a knackered hamster in your machine which refuses to pedal faster, give either of those a go.
  3. i did use the OnRez viewer for a while and that worked really well, only problem was i couldnt get my inventory on it so went back tot he official release,

    Will be giving the other's a try though.
  4. You didnt see the big button saying 'My stuff' i.e your inventory? (if you are missing folders, clear your cache, relog) There is also a hidden menu on the Onrez viewer, you'll need to read the top tool bar drop downs to find the hidden menu option, it then gives you all options that the official viewer has.

    Using 'Old School' at the moment, no problems with it, after initial download and install it did tell me I would need to update to current viewer to run SL, I ignored the message and connected without a problem. (it didnt force an update)
  5. Old School is a great viewer.

    I have suffered when trying to use items though in that once ive 'touched' an item i am tied to that until i click something else... my arm follows that item, etc and it's hard to 'click off' it if you see what i mean, without being attached to something else.

    Still better than the current overcomplicated shite that is the SL viewer..
  6. Well couldnt get old school to run, i know i did something wrong but on the third attempt i gave up and will try again another day as it sounds like the better viewer. Im back to Onrez after the insight of the bog folder saying my stuff, which now has all my inventory in there, it was empty before, not sure why.

    Will see how this one runs
  7. Hmmm Im using Old School at the moment - you are clearly being a muppet!

    Happy to help - if you cant get it to work, giz a shout if and when you want to try it again! I find it much better than Bleeding Edge, you might want to give that a go rather than Onrez, I was switching between the two (switch between Onrez and Old School at present.)

    Am going to have a look at the list of 'other' viewers over the weekend and give them ago as well...see how they run!