Struggling to decide between ..

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Im struggling to decide between the infantry and armoured corps .

Im looking at the mercians for infantry and queens royal lancers for armoured as they are recon and are fast paced etc

Im looking for one i have a good chance for a tour and Interesting.

I know these topics get on your nerves but ive been racking my brains for the past few weeks on the pros and cons for both .
Join the infantry if you want a tour, your training will be completed quicker.
Find out what battalion is off on tour next and join them.
I also know people serving in 3 mercian and someone at sandhurst who will be joining the mercians The type I believe ill enjoy most is a regiment with recon aspects fast in travelling light and i dont want to be in the army to spend most of my career at barracks and never getting deployed
I have been inside both the scimitar and the challenger and i could see myself doing something like that and preferred the look of the scimitar and the feel and it also seems that it would generate a great bond between the crew but as where pulling out of Afghanistan will there be as much need for tankies.
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