Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. I have no sympathy for these so called "White Aussies" Generally speaking the Aussie is a racist bigot. I was there on Long Look 01 and was pretty shocked as to their attitude to the INDIGENOUS natives. In less than 200 years the white man has destroyed a 40,000+ year culture. At the end of the day, it boils down to an "I'm less of an immigrant than you" BTW there are some great Lebanese resturants in Sydney. Sydney however is a bit of a dump. The best place in Aus for quality of life is Brizzy by far
  2. Can't the Govenor just give them all solitary these days? :D
  3. It's not a case of the biggoted white aussies, it's more a case of immigrants (and yes i can see the irony) coming in and not even remotely trying to integrate themselves into what has become known as the Australian way of life.

    It just so happens that most of these immigrants happen to be of middle eastern descent
  4. I am always a bit confused by nations that are almost entirely made up from immigrants of some description or other being able to state that to be Lebanese (or an imigrant from any other country) is not to be Australian. If migrants are to be excluded then I guess the indiginous population should be rioting and torching all the 'white' houses etc...since Australia is for Australians......

    I can see how relaxing the licensing hours in Australia has clearly improved the situation with regards to alcohol related violence(perhaps our gov't need to look to a different example for the success of 24 hour drinking?).
  5. Sounds about right actually.

    Also, theyve totally overdone the emphasis on the 'whiteness' of the people kicking up a stink, as a lot of people in the crowd would have had non-anglo roots, and most 'white' Australians have at least something non-white in their background.

    What it boils down to is that the Lebanese youth (and some other middle eastern groups) in Sydney have a reputation for getting in their cars and going out at weekends to pick fights/ crash partys/ harass girls etc in large packs. Their parents/community leaders havent done **** all about it, prefering to keeps up the feuds they brought over with them from 'the old country'. They never fight in even numbers, and if they get beaten up they ring around and get half of Lakemba on their side before coming back. Everyone is sick of it, and now the 'Aussie youth' have decided to give a bit of their own back. This isnt a white vs immigrants for the sake of it thing, this has been coming for a long time.
  6. I have heard that the riots were in retaliation of a cowardly attack on volunteer lifeguards at Cronulla beach. Lebanese gangs have been causing trouble not just in Cronulla but all over Sydney for the last 15 years and the after the attack on the lifeguards the public has decided enough is enough.
  7. "which authorities said were being fanned by neo-Nazis"

    Thats the biggest load of sh1t ever, everyone hates the Nazi's in Australia. Theyd be just as likely to get their heads kicked in if they started getting about in the thick of it.
  8. I will repeat my statement that I consider the majority of Australians as racists. Their pronunciations on Aboriginals were amazing. The indigenous natives of Australia must be wetting themselves over two immigrant communities fighting over "how to be Australian" Pathetic. And people come on here justifying mob rule. They'll be setting fire to the houses of Paediatrists next
  9. Soccer is known as 'wogball' in Australia, maybe that'll change if they do well in the World Cup.
  10. So you think the problem should be exactly?

    Taking the reports as true, you have gangs of thugs roaming the streets assaulting anyone they feel like and the local constabulary are/can do little to stop it. Imagine this in your own home town.

    So what do you do? Let them get on with it and hope it doesn't effect you and yours or make it unprofitable for the thugs to come down your street?

    It seems as if rioting/civil disobiedence is the only thing that our political masters take any notice of (no matter if in UK, France or Aus) so why not give the powers that be something to think about?

    Writing disgusted letters to the Times or not voting every 5 years does fcuk all, so why not make them sit up and take notice?
  11. As an ex-pat Aussie I feel that 'the_guru' is being a little narrow in his views that all of us Australians are racist bigots. The incidents in Cronulla were a result of white australian residents getting fed up with inter-ethnic (lebanese) violence..Cronulla beach has changed alot over the years and not for the better..
  12. Well said Surfer. And the correspondent who mentioned the unprovoked attack by Lebanese youths on lifeguards was correct, according to the reports in 'The Australian' newspaper.

    I've been to Australia quite a few times and have been granted a residents visa prior to migrating there. I can assure the guru that I wouldn't entertain the idea if it were as bad a place as he thinks. Remember Pauline Hanson's 'One Nation' party and how it crashed and burned? That's not the sign of a country simmering with racialists. In my experience it's still a place where a migrant can get a fair go, to use the vernacular.
  13. Lucky Jim, I spent 5 months in Aus in 2001, which was during the time that the "Ipswich Chip Shop owner" and her One Nation Party went down the sh1tter. I am aware of the antics of the Lebanese community in Sydney, there was a gang rape while I was staying at Randwick. I know there is tension. The photo of a white guy threatening a copper with a bottle is obviousy the correct response is it? The actual point that I was making is that the Aboriginals have been marginalised to a point that they were no better than vermin, and I believe that until very recently there was a farmer in Tazzy that had a licence to shoot them if they came on "HIS" land. I also know that the PC brigade have turned it round and you only have to say the word ATSIC and you are in the money so to speak. Just what is the "Australian way"? The Aussies need to look across the Tasman Sea to see how the "invaders" have embraced indigenous culture and integrated with the Maori. Could you imagine the Wallabies doing an Aussie equivalent of a Haka ? No, me neither. What is happening in Sydney is a problem that needs to be sorted by the Police and not by mob handed vigilantes. So what is the difference between the behaviour of these bigots and the insurgents in Fallujah etc ? Essentially their behaviour is the same, ie no respect for the rule of law.