Structural Engineer, Tonbridge, Kent, £28k

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Census Contracting, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Company Description JOB SUMMARY:

    To provide a competent Structural Engineering Service to clients and to ensure that assigned projects are carried out on time, within agreed budgets and to the satisfaction of the Client’s and Directors requirements.


    Main Duties
    - Scheme up small to medium sized jobs in combination with full structural calculations
    - Preparation of fee proposals
    - Manage the detail design of structural engineering schemes
    - Manage own project resources/costs
    - Monitor and be aware of own performance (time/cost)
    - Ensure the relevant statutory and design standards are met for all projects
    - Contribute to the Structural Team of the Company


    - 2-3 years experience qualified to degree or similar standard in a relevant discipline
    - Industry design standards/guides, best practices and specifications for Structural Engineering schemes
    - Statutory regulations
    - Construction techniques
    - Good communication skills including fluent English
    - Project management of own schemes
    - Liaising with clients and other members of staff

    SALARY: £23k to 28k depending on experience

    Benefits include:
    Company pension scheme
    Company will pay annual subscription to Institution of Structural
    Engineers or equivalent
    Company operates flexi-time working arrangements

    Applicants must hold a full valid driving licence

    Apply via:

  2. 23k - 28k?

    Good thing an engineering degree won't set you back over 36k then nowadays, eh?

    Seriously, I make a considerable amount more than that as a lowly CAD contractor. Which reminds me, if your client needs a CAD expert let me know, I'm interested in doing some extra work on the side. ;)
    Lot's of experience in structural plans, mainly RC detailing but also steel.
  3. If you get a qualified structural engineer for that money, I would suggest his last job was working at legoland.
  4. Sad thing is, they'll probably find someone desperate enough to take the job even at that salary.

    The pay works out at around £110 a day. How much do you reckon they'll be charging him out at?
  5. Used to be about 3 times salary?

    Only asking for 2-3 years experience so a fairly junior position, very unlikely to be a Chartered Engineer.
  6. We are not charging anyone out at a higher rate, this is full time role and the pay is what the client is offering, we post all jobs on this forum, some will have salaries in the £20k region some will be 6 figures.. Apply to jobs if interested, as you say also, this role only asks for 2 years experience and at that level the salary is more than fair.
  7. You (or the client firm) will charge them out at a higher rate - that's how it works. The fees for this person will be £40-60 per hour.

    The salary is shite, but sadly engineering never paid well (unless in oil & gas / process) and it hasn't got any better over the last few years. A candidate could have got this money in 2004.

    Unfortunately engineering consultancy is low margin, unlucrative business.