Stroppy Pub Manager

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smokey, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from a few days relaxing in the Isle of Man. Had a great time apart from one thing.

    Went into the Terminus Tavern, next to the Electric Railway station and ordered a pint for myself and a port and lemon for Mrs Smokey. One of the staff told me that I couldn't have just a spash of lemonade, but would have to buy a full can. This is despite the fact that there were 2 opened bottles of lemonade on the bar.

    I mentioned this, and the staff member said she would get the manager.

    When he appeared, he was a right obnoxious little s**t, and falsely accused me of threatening the staff. He refused to provide an explanation for the fact that Mrs Smokey could not have just a splash in her drink, and he then became very aggressive.

    This is a shame, as such of the pint as I drank was very pleasant.

    I've written a letter of complaint to the brewery (Okell's) and to the Tourist Board among others.

    Anyone going to the Isle of Man in the future might care to take note.
  2. So the message is only take people who can drink straight spirits into the bar so no problem for most off us.
  3. Why not just take your own life thus sparing every unfortunate reader of this thread a waste of 1 minute.

    You sad lonely deluded tool.
  4. good drills Geordie.
  5. Outrageous.
  6. I can see the barmans issue. You dont dilute port. Its the same as ordering a ''Lager Tops'' just not the done thing.

  7. Should have ordered a Rum and Black - much classier
  8. Lager is for puffs! Real men drink good British beer.
  9. Anyone seen the keys for the outrage bandwagon?
  10. Its in the LAD as its overdue it 100,000 outrage service
  11. Thats totally outrageous!
  12. Smokey, you should take your complaints straight to Broon.Or the EU. I'm sure this fat cunt could be declared to have violated the civil rights of your miserly self, and your needy, sop-sponged bint. Cheers! (drinks real beer)
  13. Here here!!! Feckin lager drinkin puffs!!
  14. Go on smokey, get your coat and "foxtrot Oscar" :evil: :evil:
  15. Couldn't you have just lied after the line 'he became very aggressive'?

    What did you say to him? 'Right then you, as soon as I get home i'm going to post something in a forum full of people who don't know me on a website frequented by people who would have probably handled this situation in a far more straightforward manner'

    He must have been sh*tting it by the time you left.

    A better anecdote would have continued from the 'aggressive' line into a massive 'wild west' brawl involving broken furniture and peoples noggins getting smashed into fruit machines. It should have ended with you jamming one of the lemonade bottles up the landlord's Brenda Fricker and saying 'Come on love, let's go to Wetherspoons'

    Just edit it, no one will notice.