Strongly supportive Pro-Forces article in the Guardian.

I don't know how to quote Invicta, but notthe Army Fitness Guide was nout to do with me, I'm good at talking and writing but not press ups and running - I had to get a personal trainer before I went on Telic 1 and even then he was shouting at me saying: "You won't be f***ing running so slow when the Iraqis are shooting at you." So, no, I'm the tit at the back with the pen.
mintymcginty said:
I thought this might interest you too. For those who don't know me, I am the author of the piece. The Guardian has also produced an interactive project with this, including graphics and video interviews here:
Hope you like it
Well done. I can honestly say it is the best piece of Journalism I have seen,and miles apart from the "lazy journalism" that makes up most of the Newspapers these day's.
Skynet said:
It could make a very good training video. Well done again
A huge Thank You to the guys who relived that so us lot in the comfortable world of civvyland could have a glimpse of their life out there & thanks to the journalists for bringing it to us.
Respect. :salut:
A very moving and eloquently written account. The interactive presentation is superbly designed and concisely illustrates the sequence of events in a unique way.
Obviously much effort went into both and it is refreshing to see such thoughtfully produced journalism.
A picture paints a thousand words. Excellent article and even better graphic/slide. Whilst we are used to the "Peter Snow" graphics that accompany many news articles as well as historical programs on the telly this one really hits home, because it has the measured pauses whilst the accounts of the men are told.

As a civilian I think that it's this type of reporting that is needed because it allows us, who really have no knowledge, a small glimpse of what is happening and shows us just how difficult the job of an "ordinary" soldier is.

It's the sort of thing that should be on the beeb news at 10pm.
Excellent piece Minty , and a really good use of interactive media to clarify and reinforce the article. :D
Pity more have not read and seen the video on the site. For those going and those in theatre it could be very instructive. What about a new title 'British Unit Fights Life and Death Battle In Afghanistan?
Great Article Minty. Agrre with the previous comment that it may be a good idea to put numbres in the Circles to indicate the order they should be clicked on to give continuity when reading.
Perhaps it might be wortwhile someone reposting the interactive doo da, without the heading 'good article in the Guardian' which will put so many on this site off, so that more may be inclined to watch it.
Thanks to all for kind and encouraging comments.
An excellent piece of writing there, very moving indeed. Unfortunatley my computer is rubbish,so i cant get the video up :(

Well done mucho congrats to u Minty


Bloody hell. That was a seriously good article, hugely moving and tells it like it is. Well done Audrey.
Another top story from Minty.

Interesting to see if any other newpaper owners are prepared to shell out for such an excellent interactive / multimedia story on the Army.

Also keen to hear what veto rights the MoD press desk had over this?

Some of auntie's finest have always claimed that our soldiers are our best media representitives. If we had more NUJ friends like Minty we could offer up a fair few savings on the MoD media relations shop.

Should we Arrsers be rallying round to send a case of Bucky down to that star journalist on Farringdon Road?
Fantastic multi media presentation. The personal accounts show something words can't say alone.
Outstandng piece of journalism. What she achieves is the immediacy of the experience: you really feel like you are talking to the blokes.

In the acres of newsprint devoted to utterly irrelevant individulas and thier search for self gratification this is a fitting tribute to the courage of the British soldier.

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