Stronghold Kingdoms: A Different Kind of MMO

A couple weeks ago I decided to try out a new free to play MMO, Stronghold Kingdoms. I'm not usually a fan of MMOs as they're full of teeny boppers who seem to derive all self esteem by being Walting "badasses". Kingdoms is different, it's not "swords and sorcery" but a medieval economy, military, and politics simulator. You don't ever actually see your "character" on the map, as you are the feudal lord of a fiefdom. Manage the economy of your villages, construct castles, raise armies, etc. There's a vassalage system in the game, after two weeks playing I am a vassal to a baron, haven't yet gained enough rank to gain my own vassals. I've currently got two nice little villages running in Oxfordshire. The tech tree is fairly comprehensive, and it's a fairly fun game--if you're not into instant gratification. This game takes patience and time to build up your villages and castles, and tech research takes longer and longer to complete--last night it was taking over 3 hours for me to research a new technology. If you've played Stronghold, or if you're just a fan of medieval history, give it a shot--be warned, it's not strictly "purist" medieval history, but it's a good time.

I actually really like this game, been playing it for a while, was wiped out when I owned 6 villiages, just about to buy my 6th again.

Looking after a couple of new players and almost cracking into the top 'house'.

Any Arrsers on world 5?
It's a bit more than Travian get a bit more control over base defences and suchlike.

I've just started it as a background game and it's not bad....not sure how long I'll keep going but for free it's worth a chuckle.

I'm on world 5 in Yorkshire


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