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Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Tool, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Quick slideshow stating the top military forces in the world, with 7 Effrcian nations' forces listed:

    African soldiers - Africa

    Egypt - large force, well trained
    Ethiopia - large
    South africa - smallish, but technology-driven
    Nigeria - large
    Algeria - large (internal operations only)
    Kenya - supported by USA
    Libya - "new" army took over from previous military

    Seffrica took a hit though with the recent pummeling received in CAR.

    Having not worked with any of the above in over 2 decades, I don't have any evaluations either way.
  2. Seeing the slack drills and slovenly attitude of the SANDF, I doubt they're up to much. As for technology, most of it is mothballed or U/S through lack of maintenance and funds going missing, not to mention ineptitude and poor training.
  3. To second the above, I wouldn't back the SA army. The Nigerians are pretty ally, they've been battling terrorists and villagers who dont want an oil well on their village green for a few years now. Chad seems pretty switched on, and also Kenya and Ethiopia.
  4. Hey guys - don't shoot the messenger!

    When 25% of the force are unfit and 50% of the front line fighters are mothballed (oh, and only enough qualified pilots for 1/2 of the front line fighters NOT mothballed)...
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    So no more "30 days to Cairo?" Shame.