Strong Women

bottom left, YES

if you are able to crimp someones cock off im guessing most blokes back away and this must make them rather grateful when they get it.

my reasoning applies to all unnattractive women, (its karma that entitles me to occasionally go out of my league with fit women.)

Is that a video ID parade of the suspects for crimes against the female body?
Why has no2 got the body colour of an african and the head from wigan?
also why have they put on make-up? because no matter how you dress a's still a pigs arse.
They could give you one hell of a wank though !
I think these fellas that like masculine women should just stop the pretence and start sucking cock.

However, there's always one exception to every rule.

Gina+Carano.jpg (image)

Sorry, don't know how to post images.
Mmmm very inviting. If you like threats of violence.

I still would though.


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Can we have a forum about skinny little drug dependent gay boys?
I thought that was the RLC thread.

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