Strong Stomach Required - Daily Telegraph 01 May

Fcuk me, I bet the disgusting fat-body in scene 1 (and others) has a deployment's worth of jelly donuts in his foot locker.

(Plenty like him in dark blue where salad and PT seems to be a quaint tradition indulged by but a few).

Oh, did I mention it was gayer than Liberace's poodle's pink ribbon?
Yawn. :pc: I've seen these guys already. I would think Her Madgesty, Madonna, would have had a better selection of songs from which to choose than Lady Gaga, but yoof must be served.

It's gay as a gay thing, but not particularly newsworthy? :?

looks more like some rednecks in their garage...its to camp to be a joke they have actually planned it throught by the looks of it costumes and all...and worst of all maybe they think there good?

Only. In .America.