Hi all, my brother has just had a stroke, he is a TA Cpl and when enquiring about the stroke and still serving, it was hinted that he say nothing and continue, however to achieve his bounty this year he has to do some of the tests, ie CFT, BPFA, NBC whatever they are called these days, am I right in saying he should be downgraded and mandatorily awarded bounty as it is a health/medical issue?

If so can he ask to be downgraded?

Look forward to your replies


Ask the COC

Depends on the extent of the stroke.

Does it effect his role?

If so he may be medicallly discharged, not sure where he would stand with bounty, however seeing as there is only 2 months into this years bounty year I'd be surprise that he could qualify for it
How is he? Strokes are very serious, and canleave unpredictable weaknesses. It is vital he sees a military occupational health specialist before he continues to soldier. He could put himself and others at risk.

If they discover he's made a complete recovery he can go for the bounty in the usual way. If he hasn't, then his health and well-being need to come first.

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