I used to have a small strobe, it was about the size of a small hand torch and ran off of 4 x AAA it had a bright yellow plastic body and you could swap the lenses. 1x clear 1x red 1x green.

lent it to my lad for his DofE and he knackered it as to be expected. only problem is I can't find a replacement and I'd like to have one in my day sack for just incase.

can anyone help?
£57 through the system - 'C' Class item. My supplier isn't military though, to be fair the fecker doesn't know he's going to be my supplier yet :)
They're a Class C! the next question would be justification...or is that below your pay scale?
Go in any scuba shop........ small, takes one c- cell.

Took it on a fishing trip to Canada last year, the lads were impressed to see it 3- 4 miles away, made the trip back in the dark a cinch.
What about those without a QM Dept as such......e.g. moi? use the system in place?
I also have an ACR Firefly Strobe/Flashlight.

A combination device with a flashlight at one end and a strobe at the other. Has served me well for many years.

£36 At (Tried putting a link in but it would not work?)

One of the Ops I was on while attached to the USArmy/USMC all the vehicles had those CID Personnel markers black nastied to the AE....they weren't too impressed with me trying to "relocate" one after the Op as they only had a few to go around. I hadn't seen them since, mind you I haven't been looking for them either.

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