Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Radiator has started to crack and peel.

    Cheapest easiest solution? Heatgun does not work and sandpaper destroys the wanking tissue
  2. Put some towels on it nobody will notice or just do what I do, fuck all.
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  3. Bastard, did not expect this thread.
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  4. If i headed it getting rid of unwanted paint no cunt would have looked in. Knowing my seedy rep i figured the dirtbags would surf in looking for grimy flange but leave some helpful viz stylee tips. I will post a open flap shot of my sisters growler if someone comes up with a less stinky solution to nitromors
  5. Nitromors. Do it on Friday night with the windows and doors closed. You'll save a heap of beer tokens and get the same effect as a night on the lash. Even down to the splitting headache when you wake up.

    If you wake up.

    PS Don't buy the radiator enamel until Saturday. It'd be a shame to have forked out for the paint if you don't wake up.
  6. I already did that for the first coat . Er indoors telling me it was like a fire in a nail varnish remover factory,smelt nowt till i moved back, then tasted it,then nose started streaming.

    Then still hours with a stripping knife and brush.

    If you are still reading you feel my pain. The canary i put in there stopped tweeting a while back. Does that indicate the all clear ?
  7. ...probably just means that it's thumbs are sore.
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  8. ...or the phone's melted.
  9. Turn the heating off. Nitromors will do the job.

    Honest Guv. You're not scraping it right.
  10. Great way to keep the females out of a room. Greenstuff working keep out.

    Shed worthy without doubt. The canary is worthy of a python scetch and the budgies have started rucking with the cuttlefish .

    How did i type a c for a k earlier? Fumes you knacker that is how
  11. Contrary to popular belief, I am actually a splitter, and do know a bit about DIY.

    Put your listening head on Worzel. Nitromors is the way ahead. I could give you the address of the ex Mr-Dale's house in Nottingham (the cunt) so you can see my handiwork if you want.
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  12. I'm meant to be nice for Lentil, but you are not doing it right.

    How many coats of paint have you got on there?

  13. Real men use big fuck off sandblasters. You know it makes sense.
  14. Easiest option is to just buy a new one and fit it.

    After you have fucked about purchasing nitromoors and various sand or ally oxide paper you will have spent almost as much money and wasted many days of your life you will never get back.

    Measure your rad, get one the same size in a single or double, compression joints are easy, you can get flexable connectors as well if the new one doesnt quite match up with the old, you should have an isolator valve somewhere near to the rad that's turned off with a flat blade screw driver so it doesn't wee all over the floor like a fat lad on the second show parade of the evening.
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  15. There are lots of placed that could sandblast it for a fee. However if it is a steam radiator with union fittings the fittings are ground to each other so remove the fittings before the sandblasting as if the union surfaces are damaged it will leak. Union fittings are dear too.