Stripping is an Artform

Stripping is an artform, Norway decides.

Maybe now they will allow a Gentlemans Club to be opened in Bergen. Without spouting some Christian religious Bollox. If the Bergen Kommune (council) was that religious, they would not allow Sunday shopping at this time of year. Bah feckin Humbug.

There appears to be substantial support in other jurisdictions for this decision of the Norwegian Court of Appeals.

From Minnesota Public Radio:

Since 1995, University of Maryland researcher Judith Hanna has frequently been called as an expert witness and has filed briefs on behalf of exotic dance clubs and exotic dancers around the country. She has testified a number of times in Minnesota. Hanna is the author of several books on dance and anthropology. Much of her testimony is devoted to establishing that exotic dancing is an art form, the same as other types of dance, and therefore worthy of a high level of protection from the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

"It's dance by the criteria that I would use for dances in Africa, children's playgrounds, American theaters," she says. "It's purposeful, it's intentionally rhythmical, it's patterned nonverbal body movement in time, space and effort. And it has an aesthetic: It has notions of what's appropriate and what's competent."

Hanna says exotic dancing suffers from the stereotype that it is a prelude to prostitution. Hanna disputes this perception, and says what happens on stage can be perceived in conventional terms.

"Just take Webster's Dictionary (definition) of what is art: learned skill, creative imagination, and communication. Exotic dance meets all those criteria," she says. "It's not an art form like ballet, which requires years of study and is very codified and has gradations of skill...but nonetheless it is a popular art form."

Expression and communication are at the core of First Amendment protection. Opponents of adult clubs raise the question of what, exactly, is being communicated. Hanna says the communication is rich and intense, even if it may not suit all tastes.

"The beauty of the body, the notion of the desirability of the female," Hanna says. "What is being communicated between patron and audience is that the dancer is essentially saying to the patron, 'You are desirable.' So there's an interaction that goes on between the dancer and the patron."

"Exotic dancing - is it art?" by Jeff Horwich. 4 March 2002
Anyone who has the ' privilege' of seeing Dita Von Teese in action could not possibly define her performance as anything else but an art a burlesque expert she commands fees of $ 100,000 per performance [ two ten minute presentations ] and she spends $ 150,000 per year on costumes and props [ her work in a giant champagne glass is ' inspirational ' ]..

this is no tawdry back room experience this is ART of the highest calibre..

< SIGH >...... I need a tissue
I always knew I was a keen supporter of the Arts!
I don't know a thing about art, but I know what I like.

Where's that sock?
Depends..... I wouldn't class the fish belly coloured dimpled thighed bird looking like she was wearing a disembowelled badger as a sporran that used to lollop round like an extra from the Thriller video in the 2 sawyers on a Sunday lunchtime as an "artist"

more as a "potential victim"


thank god for DITA. I thought this thread would be that loser who got paid £4000 for his dead soldier 'art' now taking to stripping off.

not that I came on to see any pictures, mind.


War Hero
It's only "art" when the ping-pong ball bounces off the opposite wall.
Dunno much about art but I knows whats I like!

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