Stripped of MBE

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Naseem Ahmed has been stripped of his MBE because of his (I believe) criminal record ie reckless driving. Whilst I personally believe this is the right thing to do isnt it a bit hypocritical when you think of the likes of Sir Geoffrey/Jeffrey (cant remember the corret spelling) Archer keeping his Knighthood and the current scandal surrounding Bliar and his cronies? Comments if you please......................

    (Sorry if this has already been done)
  2. I mentioned in the other thread about this, Lord ARcher kept the title as the Government didnt want to have to bring a Bill before Parliment as that would be the only way to remove someone from the House of Lords.
  3. Its Lord Archer, and yes it is hypocritical. A Knighthood would be easer to take away.

    MPs lose their seat upon conviction, but there is no legal precedent for this in the Lords, except in cases of treason. There is apparently no mechanism for removing a peerage.
  4. I believe this should happen to peers, but this wont happen as were not in the 'click' :twisted:
  5. I'm just very happy that 'Ponce' Naseem has lost his ill-gotten gong.

    What the hell did he get one for in the first place, it was obvious to all that he was nothing more than a jumped up chav.
  6. The man is a disgrace and not worthy to the honour of the MBE.

    good move to strip him of it and send a message out that being a total arrse in a fast car is not acceptable behaviour. Gonad 8)

  7. Hear, hear. Just waiting for him to be stripped of his British passport.......
  8. I knew what this was about straight away, and all I can say is good.

    It's good to reward sports stars as I am sure Naz was a role model for young impressionable people (so more deservedly he should be stripped when comparing to Archer), but he acted like an arrse
  9. Why? Because he's not white?

    Back to the subject...
    Lester Piggot lost his knighthood whe he was convited of tax evasion
    That Lord Brocket fella also did a spell in clink, yet kept his title.
    I didn't even get my LS&GC!
  10. My first thoughts upon hearing this were what about Archer but i suppose as he is ahard working politician and other such nebulous political (come on admit it, its not just new labour there all oxygen thieves) nonsense. He obviously desererves to keep it. The thing is the Lords arguement does'nt really stand up as Tony's changed everything else to suit so this should have been an easy ammendment.

    Rant out
  11. Actually both the Commons and the Lords have to petition for the Lord in question to be removed but it is extremely rare for such a thing to happen and will only happen if they have behaved disgracefully or be seen to be unfit to do their job.Putting forward a bill would mean proposing new legislation.

    But on topic I think he should of been stripped of the honour as he was no longer deserving, as mentioned he is role model and is meant to set a good example.
  12. I suppose 'Prince Naseem's' chav class gangsta posse mates turning up at the jail on his release in convey of a new Bentley and Range Rover with gansta rap music blasting from the open windows did little to endear him to our hearts. Someone somewhere with influence must have whispered to someone else with influence. Excellent. Did they give Naseems's MBE to the 98 year old lady still working in the same chippy since the 1920s?

    Regarding Archer. He's a TV celeb now don't you know? How low can you go? His missus is lush though.
  13. now if we take this further and strip all fcukwits, certain members of the ECB must be sihtting themselves
  14. Yet Another.................
  15. "A significant threat of re-offending". Love it! Say, if I had been jailed for two arson attacks would the military have held onto me and allowed me to retain my rank?