Strip Clubs and R and R

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Forsaken_Child, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. It's bad, don't do it, just been to the first REAL strip club in my life while back on R and R and I wasn't allowed to touch, how crap is that?
  2. :) exactly. Bit like a nightmare trip to the meat counter at the supermarket - beautiful stuff on display but if you actually want to buy it to eat, they nip into the storeroom and offer you badly butchered dog and charge you 50 quid for it. That's how I remember Berlin anyway :)
  3. Ahhh..Mon Cherie's, SavignyPlatz Berlin.....Do all the touching you wanted if you got into the bath. Them were the days :twisted:
  4. Went to a strip club in Prague whilst on R+R from the sand pit last year. No more exciting than the ones in Germany, really, except for the fact that the Czech Police decided to carry out a suprise raid about half an hour after I got there. Had to give my passport details etc but thankfully I never heard anything more, otherwise it would have been 'interesting' back in theatre to say the least... :wink:
  5. Stuttgarter Platz surely?
  6. Quite possibly...I was always pished :)
  7. 1771,
    I hope you maintained the fine Army tradition of keeping your socks on in the bath.
  8. Ahh Mon Cherise...."Das grosses badeshau in Berlin" que the lights as the stage parts to reveal the bath.....two honeys enter looking for a couple of guys to bathe with but by the time stage has parted 20+ members of the QOH have charged forward ripping clothes off as they lunge for the soap trying to grab a handful on the way down.The tarts scream and let fly with a load of eastern european abuse and a few well placed punches as the security enter the fray and attempt to evict the semi naked squaddies......what fun
  9. Goldfingers Prague, heavenly
  10. The Golden Tree in Prague was my favorite,down the stairs for about 70p and there were continuous strippers,black and decker sex shows,loads of top totty on the dancefloors and a mint 'cocktail bar'.

    Personally these days i wouldnt bother with the place now,massivly inflated prices over the years,and a real 'get the punters in,and out'attitude.My heart (and wallet) will always rest in Pattaya.
  11. Number 69 Kant Strasse? Also known as the 'Puff Puff Club' due to the sign outside. If I wasn't terribly terribly drunk when I went in I was when I came out. But cleaner.
  12. Get yourself down to the 'pubic triangle' in Edinburgh. Located at the top of the Grassmarket 3 strip joints within spitting distance of each other, Burke and Hare, Hooters (not THE Hooters) and another (name escapes me). Not meant to touch, but the laaaaaadies are not too bothered during private dances.
  13. That will be the western bar I think I walked past it on the way into the Grass market ....... honest !! :wink:
  14. May be a bit far but several venues in eastern Canada, Seem to remember VS Trade in a certain bar for breakfast. Clothing optional!