Striking Teachers (*******)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. When the teachers go on strike (no if) would it be possible to bill the union(s) for the cost of childcare for my darling rugrat for the days they are in fact meant to be teaching the little darling.

    Also, could the unions be sued under the 'uman rights act as the teachers are meant to be educating our children and one of the parts of the act is right to education??
  2. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Try sending them (the union) a bill if it happens and see what happens.
  3. No. And if you're worried about your child's education, it is likely to be improved, rather than harmed, by removal from the influence of schoolteachers.
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  4. How would you feel if YOUR pension was being changed after you'd served 20 or 30 years on the assumption you'd have a decent pension to retire on when you came out?
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  5. My pension changes all the time, I have to pay into it myself and not have it funded by the tax payer. If they don't like it find another job.
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  6. are you a complete muppet or trying to get a rise, my pension after 17 years is changing (drasically) from the one I would have got without the cuts.
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  7. Striking Teachers (*******)
    Thanks, Armadillo, what a complete tosser, I agree you must be just after a bit stilly because you have just typed a load of stereotypical bollocks. I won't bother rising totally to your drivel but for the record school is not a creche!
    At work you are allowed under law to take time off albeit unpaid to look after your children. Pensions wise would you not be pissed off? Our lass pays upwards of 350 bar in every month to her pension and has for the last 20 years, would you not be a bit pissed off if someone was to **** with your future? Do you get an army pension? Which is totally non contributary? I have myself trained as a teacher and let me tell you it straight, looks good don't it, 13 1/2 weeks holiday, just sat watching the darlings copy shit from textbooks etc ! So far from the truth its untrue, try having kids that don't want to be there, un-supportive parents who are not interested at all so you spend all day teaching little johnny but then he goes home to his crack whore mum who does not care he has been reprimanded for not wearing uniform because it's not clean. two snickers bars for pack up. Chairs thrown at you and being sworn at, oh this is Primary school by the way. Move that up to volume 11 for Comp. For starting salary circa 22 grand give it a whirl Stilly eh, still slating teachers???
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  8. Let us not forget it was Cyclops who raided pension funds early in his tenure. Private sector suffered then, why should the public sector continue to retire early and draw relatively generous pensions having paid a small percentage into the pot?

    And the teachers get better holidays on top of it all...and breathe
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  9. Yep, if you don't like it get another job, yes I get an Army pension but I still have to pay for my own out of my own wages, why can't you do the same. Education is where my child should be during termtime, if I choose to take my child out of school during termtime I can be prosecuted for it, but it is OK for teachers to shut up shop and have a day off when they please. ******* the lot of them
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  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    sympathy? None. Get a job in a private school if you really must teach.
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  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There, there, there, give the poor diddums a hug. If you don't like it change your job you whining tart, like the rest of us have to. You are not owed a living, deal with it.
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  12. If what you have responded passes as the Queens English then my children are going private. You supplied two quotes not attributed to myself and your debate is not structured in a manner of normal debating. How about training 3-4 soon to be 18 year olds and then as an affirmation of there vocational ability take out of the wire in Helmand. There is no fudging or point finding to pass their exam in that area of operations, an exam pass is the operational debrief. A fail is sometimes Birmingham or worse a trip down Royal Wooton Bassett, High Street.

    Post First world War and Second World War there was glut of men going into the teaching profession with discipline. The gradual decline of discipline in the classroom is not a cause for higher wages and pensions. The introduction of schooling in the late Victorian Era brought in children of broken homes, Gin dens and opium clubs were not uncommon so please do not try and pass on your heartfelt pleas of how are we to cope. Also mass immigration from Europe on a least three large scale exodus happened, teachers at the time got on with teaching their fares of multi lingual backgrounds.

    Teachers often complain of long teaching hours and broken classrooms and targets. This infuriates me further as I know University Lecturers work longer and harder on more specialised subjects and having to be industry aware.

    Army pensions are actually contributory, the sting of paying is calculated with our pay. Oh to be sworn at is a daily occurrence, and having chairs thrown at us on a baseline would be luxury at least we would have something to sit on. You can not sit on a petrol bomb, milk carton filled with paint or the lovely sulphurous smell of battery acid. Grenades and RPGs were my favourite items to have flying my way.

    Your average student that leaves with the bare minimum in the space of one tour will have accrued more life skills and self motivation than your average Guardian reading lentil sucking teacher.

    That advert with the kid sucking up to his teacher " oh it makes me feel so sad that they have nothing" and the Guardian reading response " I admire your honesty " makes me so angry.

    Teachers sacrifice nothing, the teaching profession has become the sole preserve of the do gooder or gravy train liberal left. My children will be definitely going private.
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  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well said that man. Threads done I think.
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  14. I now work in a school, Army, Police now a school. I am not a teacher (don't have a degree) although my intention was to become a teacher after gaining a degree. In the few months I have been working in the education system I have changed my views. Being a teacher is not a great job, it is a good job it has good pay and conditions, but not great. I cannot believe people are critical of people willing to take action to protect their pension. The Government of this country has applied the principle of divide and rule to you all. Politicians sorted their pensions before they changed the rules.
    The forces would do well to remember that if it was not for the fact that public sympathy is currently with them the Goverment would not give a toss about them.
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  15. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I did train as a teacher actually- and I was in the volume 11 environment as well. From my experience the biggest problem with the teaching profession is the teachers themselves, particularly those that get promoted to senior management or central policy positions. I decided it really wasn't for me and exfilled pronto. With hind sight not a great idea (as I did so just as the recession hit and jobs were hard to come by). Right now a starting salary of over £25k would be VERY welcome. But £25k, a magnificent pension (relatively before you bite my head off), 1/4 of the year off as (paid) holiday time AND the option to retire upto a decade earlier than private sector workers? Very generous starting package indeed. But it wouldn't have done me much good long-term cos I would have gone postal on the union types, the senior managers or the utter chods that work in the DofE writing bollocks policy that is pie in the sky crap.

    For my opinions of the unions (the NUT in particular) may I direct you to THIS post
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