Striking prison officers pledge to 'resist military'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hugh_the_screw, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Striking prison officers pledge to 'resist military'

    Soldiers and RAF personnel are being trained in control and restraint techniques as part of a government contingency plan to deal with a crisis behind bars.

    Hi does anyone know anything about this? Who is doing the training, and what does it consist of? What's your opinion is on the subject?
  2. Looks like we shouldn't be telling you.

    The plans involve Kool Aid.

    And you can bet that HMF are fecking thrilled at another opportunity to do the work of unionized fellow 'public servants.'
  3. So after the Ford occurrence external resources are being focused on, don't the POA have enough 'specialised riot trained' officers to deal with possible further outbreaks?

    So before someone else jumps in, which establishments are considered at risk for this to be put in Service hands to deal, not that it makes a difference..
  4. I thought we'd sworn off all this sortof thing?
  5. Basically, if you bunch of overpaid, underworked, drug suppliers to the inmates, go on strike.

    We're going to send in the RLC, whose first job will be to nick your stash & flog it on to the cons.

    After we let them in, following a night on the lash downtown.

    Hope that helps!
  6. I'm sure the services blokes, who's business it is to put their lives at risk in violent conflict, won't be too fussed about dealing with some pikeys. In fact, the prisoners are at greater risk of getting a kicking by a squaddies they've pissed off.
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  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Who then becomes his new room mate. In the UK anyway. 'Uman Rights, don't you know?
  8. I did the restraint and arrest course many years ago, many of the techniques used by the army aren't allowed in prisons. The prison service course was inferior to the army one. The solicitors will be rubbing their hands together.
  9. Prison staff ratios can be as bad as two or three officers per wing of 100-150 prisoners. Prison officers are paid less than many nurses and they don't get night pay or overtime.
  10. why are we even called an army,
    Were just "manpower" to bolster wherever the government is faling,

    PODKULAKCHNIK more like
  11. Who enjoyed it the most, you or the cons? Yes, I'm back. :)
  12. I preferred a quiet life but if it was them or me it was them. I was careful who saw what.
    Welcome back.
  13. Not exactly the first time; Them famously rescued a prison warder being held hostage at Peterhead jail. A very restrained performance from Them. No fatalities among the prisoners. I believe the worst injury was a con with a broken leg.

    IIRC, David "Daredevil" Blunket once seriously considered sending in the Army to brass up a load of rioting prisoners at an HMP in England. Unfortunately, wiser heads prevailed.
  14. according to the similar threads this was going around in 2006

    wasn't there a scotish nick who had the british army balaclava dispaly team sent in to quell a riot

  15. peterhead nick.........