Strikemaster Question

I don't remember the Trannies killing anybody with heavy weights, more likely to do it with their landings, but we did kill a lot of Adoo with the Strikemasters, and they helped keep me alive with their top cover when we were getting shot up, or shot down.

The Trannies of your day are still flying.
True as of Dec 09.
Mind you not for long, as now maintained by locals and guess what ? someone failed to notice corrosion that could have been dealt with if spotted in earlier indepth inspection.

Speaking of the Strikemaster, I recall the Army Air Corps Association Journal in summer of 99, did a piece on the Islander Flight CO during GW1. Said aviator went thru the CFS fixed wing course which involved flying the Jet Provost at the time (early 80s) then he left the AAC, ended up cotnracting to the Sultan of Oman's Air Force instructing on the Strikemaster. When he came back, went back into the AAC and ended up being on Islanders.

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