Strike While the Interest is Hot


Having just added a bit of limelight for the island to the front page and written a bit about the island as a welcome ( ), now would be a good time for a burst of energy to welcome newcomers and bring the rather quiet island back to life.

The island clearly needs to build a bit of momentum so please visit in the evenings, encourage others from chat and use it. Without people there, no people will go there - vicious circle, blah.

I'm still convinced that this has a lot to offer - their software is ever improving and now includes voice chat for example, and PCs are almost all fast enough to run the software these days. Get people to give it a try!
I've just joined and have a really 'groovy' name - Med Jayaram. I intend to open a coffee shop where all the cool cats can chill out and enjoy their fav brew with cakes on the side.

Clearly there will be a second floor where other services can be offered but entry will be 'Invitation Only'.


War Hero
I ams truggling to do anything other than stand there and look gormless at the moment, I havent even found the fabled land of ARRSE yet.
Once your on SL, drop me a PM on here and let me know your in world name. I will then add you to the arrse island group.

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