Strike up the band, sing hallelujah

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by emptyeye, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. If there is a god, he works at Morrison’s, on a recent CTR with Mrs Emptyeye on Sunday in said store, boredom level 5 about to take over life, an eyes right in one of the aisles, and OMFG, it cant be, it is, nahhh, yes, it really is….

    Condensed milk in a squeezable tube, angel food for those of us who remember it in 24hr rat packs..(and are old enough to enjoy it)

    I won’t go into the inane drivel that followed when I tried to explain to Mrs Emptyeye about the memories of:

    1. Biscuits ‘ard b’stards (originals)
    2. Tubes of strawberry jam that used to accompany it.

    Anyway, I had to buy and for the pleasure of all who can remember this here it is photographed in my kitchen, sad? yes I know…..

  3. And what ever happened to those spangles?????
  4. [​IMG]

    They apparantly made a come back in the 90's must have missed that............
  5. ok several thigns really
    1 yes it is sad to photograph in kitchen
    2 also sad to have 4 posts ON YOUR OWN THREAD IN A ROW!!!!!
  6. I give a sh1t - remembering "Dartmoor Cream Teas", ie Biscuits Ard Basturds, a squeeze of Jam, a squeeze of milk to top it off - mmmmmmmm

    The other great thing about the jam tubes was putting them in a fire, and watching them shoot off into the distance rocket powered.
  7. Oh, yes indeed!

    Mrs Vasco loves condensed milk - I shal have to hie me to Morrisons.