Strike On: BA Cabin Crew Talks Collapse

Discussion in 'Travel' started by dangerousdave, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. The way they are carrying on, they won't have a job or business to go back to after the airline collapses . BA cannot take such massive losses each day of strike action as a business. All they seem to want to do is destroy the company because they think they as a union have more power and ego and little air head thick troll trollie dolls follow their dear union leader like sheep. BA should fire every one of them who strikes :x

    "The Unite union has said it is disappointed to announce that cabin crew strikes will go ahead after talks with British Airways bosses collapsed.

    The union's members will walk out for three days from midnight tonight in protest at the airline's imposition of changes to pay, jobs and working conditions.

    Sky sources say BA has estimated that more than 100,000 passengers have cancelled their tickets since the strike dates were announced at a cost to the airline of £27m."
  2. Let BA rot, they have been overcharging for years.
  3. OK Gordon, instead of just asking, why don't you step in and BAN the strike going ahead? Oh i forgot.. you don't have the balls :x

    Dave's getting my vote in May 8)

    Brown Urges Cabin Crew To Stop BA Strike

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown is urging British Airways cabin crew to call off a strike that is set to cause "unacceptable inconvenience to passengers".

    The Unite union announced that the industrial action was to go ahead after talks with British Airways bosses collapsed.

    The union's members will walk out for three days from midnight tonight in protest at the airline's imposition of changes to pay, jobs and working conditions.

    Workers are scheduled to strike again for four days next week, promising more disruption for BA passengers.

    A Downing Street spokesman said: "The Prime Minister believes that this strike is in no-one's interest and will cause unacceptable inconvenience to passengers.

    "He urges the strike be called off immediately. He also urges BA's management and workforce to get together without delay to resolve what is a dispute about jobs and wages."
  4. Not as if he has to go very far to find senior Unite officials, is it?
  5. Cathay Pacific, Virgin, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines must be popping the champaign corks as I write. Another load of businesses will add 'Use BA only as a last resort' to their travel policies as BA adds 'least' to their "World's Favourite Airline".

    At least this might drive their prices down to a reasonable level.
  6. I don't wish to be seen as supporting the PM, but how, exactly, can he ban the strike? Does he have that power over the employees of a private company? They never managed to stop public servants striking - the Firemen or Binmen for example.
  7. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Correct.BA=Bloody Arrogant.That goes for both overpaid staff and monopolopistic managnent.

    I'm sure Branson,Emirates,Qatar Airways and Etihad can replace their intercontinental operations and Easyjet and Ryanair their European routes.
  8. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Add Emirates and Etihad to that list and you are on the money.

    These are airlines I have found from personal experiance are not crewed by over priviliged'jolly hockeysticks' types who look down on their customers.BA should have been broken up before privateisation.

    They sunk Laker and tried the same trick to get rid of Branson.The airline industry would be a better place if BA ceased to exist.
  9. Labour have created 100's of new laws over last few years and rushed a few through too. The Gov't should rush a new law in to ban strike action if it is a major disruption to the general public :twisted:
  10. Very amused to see that the company has now added the losses incurred to the strikers actions (£27m) to the total amount of savings that Cabin Crew must find as part of the whole businesses cost reductions. These lunatics reap what they sow...
  11. Just what we need, Another new law!
  12. I must admit I was surprised by this development ... I am sure it is normal negotiating practice for the Company to withdraw any offer " on the table " when negotiations break down and a Union issues dates for strikes ... but I must admit this is the first time I have heard of any new offer relecting the losses incurred by the Company as a consequence of the threatened strike . A very interesting development if not a precedent . Certainly hard ball tactics by BA .
  13. Way to go BA :lol: ...... sack the lot of em if they strike I say.
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    BA has to win this one. I think both Unite and the rail union are both just making a last ditch effort to rob the paying public before their horse dies. What I do hope is that Joe Public correctly blames the existence of the Labour Party for resulting inconvenence/loss of job etc. The Marxist dream of using union action to destroy British industry, which has worked so well for cars, coal, shipbuilding, dock work and shipping is still alive and well.
  15. Unite seem to quote the need for 'both sides' to do 'what's best for their customers and BA'. It seems to me not accepting rationalization, in an airline that gives it's cabin crew the best rates of pay and conditions of any european airline, is not doing the best for their customers and BA, just their members. At least until they cause a total collapse of the airline, then they won't be employed at all.

    Another note for the Unite negotiators, negotiation means entering talks without the objective of leaving them with everything you want and not giving way on any point. They pushed as far as they wanted, tried to get a bit more by threatening a strike, and found that the threat to remove the offer and deduct any losses from that offer wasn't a bluff. Well played.