Strike by SW Trains

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Recce19, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Just got a text telling me South West Trains will be on strike from 00:01 hrs on the 31st of March until 23:59 hrs. on the 3rd of April.

    So start preparing your routes now!

    Ballot results:
    Votes cast 821 (100%)
    Votes "YES": 73.8%
    Votes "NO": 26.2%
  2. Re-Nationalise the bastards. Then we will have a better service, at a fairer price.
  3. You might be surprised, but you are actually agreeing with the unions on this.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Time to use up a couple more days leave then :)

    Excellent! No way can I get into work otherwise.
  5. Bloody hell! It WOULD make sense though. Since privatisation the railways have descended into chaos. At least with British Railways, you could expect to be stuffed into an overfull carriage, knowing that the train wouldn't split in half at Didcot, leaving you stranded, hurtling towards Portsmouth when you wanted to go to Bath.

    Ticketing is a farce, and damn expensive. I live in the North East and if I wanted to go to the smoke I could be charged anything up to 200 quid. Two full tanks of gas in my car for 100 quid, (with a guaranteed seat as I'm driving) There is no competition really. Too many train companies, on too few lines, with too many ticket combinations.

    Go to Germany or the Netherlands. Buy ticket, get on train in an allocated seat, depart and arrive at the indicated time. Arrive happy. In the UK its hunt around for the best deal on the internet. Get ticket from machine. Get on train. Stand in corridor. Get on a replacement bus service. Get back on train. Arrive late and totally pyssed off. Its bollocks!

  6. Who do you consider to be the bastards, the workers or the company board/management? You wasn't specific and it makes a pretty big difference in the direction of your antagonism.
  7. The company boards. The workers are not responsible for the flawed policies of the owners.
  8. Neither are the owners/board if it is run as a corporation. Having said that, I do agree with you in a general way.
  9. I got a Worst Scotfail train from Glasgow to Ardrossan for a meeting. There were 3 trains at the platform and we were directed to the rearmost one as the other two were depot-bound. This was 5 minutes before departure. That got me thinking, as I've never seen a train climb over another train (what they get up to at night is another issue). It got the train drivers thinking as well. Their suggestion was to use the front train instead and get away on time, and shift the other ones later. It took 25 minutes for a manager to waddle across and make this decision. No wonder the trains are screwed.

    I also hate the idea that railway staff are "public servants". They are not. You get a public service attitude to customer relations (ie. "like it or f*** off") with a private sector attitude to short-term profit chasing and exploitation of a monopoly. I also hate those posters which seek to deter passengers from thumping staff...if they provided a better service, they wouldn't get thumped! :wink:

    You are a "customer" until they have your money, then you are a "passenger" - another word for "cattle". :evil:
  10. My bold, when they act like animals, let alone cattle, that is how the will be treated. Obviously this is just a generalisation, but I have even been accosted for a train having the audacity to leave on time :roll:
  11. Do you have a clue about how trains are run/controlled? I am guessing not.
  12. Is it this guy? :wink:

  13. I shall take that as a NO then.
  14. My knowledge of railway management extends to the gits who put my ticket cost up by 4.5% and deliver the exact same service (late and overcrowded) as the year before! Hence my grinding of axe! :twisted:
  15. Last November I wrote to the Health & Safety Exec to notify them of the gross overcrowding on First Great Western trains; HSE jobsworth replied to the effect that there is no health & safety concern providing that the "physical integrity of the carriages is uncompromised". So, it would seem rail companies are perfectly at liberty to cram carriages with standing passengers, incl elderly, children etc.. And they do; 1st GW/ SW Trains being particularly bad.

    According to guidelines issued by the same HSE, however, if I take a group of a dozen 15 year old pupils, on foot, through the small town which they cross unsupervised every day en route to/ from school, to visit the local theatre, without first conducting the requisite (6 page) Risk Assessment then I'm in breach of my "statutory obligations". Well, I'm not contractually obliged to organise/ run theatre trips "out of hours" (or in them, for that matter!), so guess what? I don't bother any more.

    Couldn't give a toss if SW Trains are striking. However you cut it, the service at every level is dismal; too expensive; too unreliable, and the staff quite plainly couldn't care less about the customer. Since my experiences last November I have always used the car, and will continue to do so unless fares are halved (get rid of all the ridiculous railcards, and slash fares across the board, say I!), and rail companies compelled to implement reasonable health & safety standards.