Strictly no aircrew. Fcuk off to pprune.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bowser-Mong, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Am I the only groundie bowsermong MT Sigs wallah who finds this forum is only about luvvie pilots and their fcuking sad lives who have got nothing better to do than come onto arrse and submit 5hite threads such as UFO crash lands in Iran, Helo hedge trimmer, pilots fcking course -Open Uni course and countless other fcuking mundane titles. Come on bowser mongs liven up this thread instead of letting it be taken over entirely by those overpaid underworked Fixedwing failures. I know we could go onto Army Aviation site but lets gets some decent slagging off and banter going here like there used to be. Where are the likes of Flash, PTP, CR means ceiling fcuk me I've hit it ceiling reached et al? :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :frustrated: :headbang:
  2. Why don't you try contributing something constructive, Biff?

    Edited to add, as a former Bowser Mong, Driver/Sig, Groundspike/Baldrick I'd be interested to hear from you lot too, but you all appear too reticent to share your stories of bogging-in wagons and bending aircraft.......
  3. Well I'm here.

    I see you appear to be a self voted representative of the groundies. I'll bet they will love you for that.

    Having had a quick browse through the most recent threads on this forum, I can see only one or two that have been started by aircrew.

    More than happy to banter with you but I'm certainly not going to lower my standards just so you can understand.
  4. This is constructive. Remember I am an ex bowser mong and therefore my intel is limited to slightly above yours.
  5. Honoured I'm sure.
  6. See edit.
  7. hey, i resent being called a pilot.

    glad to see you managed to pick up on the oh-so-subtle irony of my moniker though. well done :)

    Especially "aerial twiddlers" with their, "I used to be a bowsermong, But now im a very clever twunt cos I can make brews on exercise in a 9x9" condescending shite.
    This is the problem with the AAC nowadays. Too many bellends on a career path instead of just enjoying the fact that you can bugger off all over the world and get pi$$ed up. When you walk around hangers now look everyone is trying to impress Mr C.R. Writer. And they all look haunted by the fact that if their powerpoint presentation will crash and the boss will give them an A2 not an O2

    Well not me, I shall be found In the back of a Bedford on a camnet trying to sleep of last nights beer and whore binge.

    Before any one says that Im bitter. you are wrong.

    I'm Happy!

    Come and join me for a pint
  9. dear oh dearie me.
    Nice pic Flash, and as for you Taffridge, the days of actually getting a Bedford out of camp are as long gone as the days of you being allowed more than half a glass of wine by your missus. The Corps has changed forever, and we dinosaurs can do nowt but watch as the geeks build their wrist muscles and the whorehouses go bust. The fighting first have done one exercise in three years, mainly cos we are now an exped regt, which is ok for the lads but a bit poo for the pads. What was my point...oh yeah, Taffridge has a small willy.
  10. FABLONBIFFCHIT - if you wanted this thread only to be visited by groundies, not pilots, you should have called it "Playstation2" or "Xbox360 groundie shack" or something.

    not that any of them would read it on the internet anyway, as they are busy crowding into dark groundie shacks playing PS2 or 360 :)

    and any groundy responses to your thread are likely to read:

    "my turn next"
    "fuck off it's my go"
    "fuck off nig, go and dip the bowser"

  11. Well I'm off to the Ranch this weekend where my willy will be put to good use, and your not as your willy is as redundant as your hairbrush for a few months.

    Ps groovy look in your inbox
  12. Not like the days of watching Poo porn for 24 hours and Microwaving stray cats. Now thats what I call crew.
  13. I knew I'd gone up in the world when I got to stop drinking Avtur with the groundies and got to do the tasking for pie-lits on my 2nd tour in NI, someone had seen my potential.

  14. The supplier of that particular brand of franky vaughan was certainly the oddest bloke I've ever met. Whats he up to these days?