Strictly Come mincing

My missus has just sat and watched this. I caught snippets in between playing with the dogs and posting rubbish on here. Is it just me or is it a very gay programme? Shoud this kind of thing be encouraged? It is on before 1900 so kids could watch it.
I understand your concerns, but on the other side they have something called Baby Hit Me One More Time, which can only encourage domestic violence.

I own several shiny shirts with very frilly Barry Manilow-style sleeves. This does not in any way stop me from being a rampant hetero tiger.

I don't know about the gays, but it's "must-see TV" if you are 6yrs old. Apparently it's a hot topic of playground conversation, the moves, the outfits, it's a crime to miss it!

Or so I'm reliably informed by my daughter :roll:
Anya1982 said:
Hey for 50K would you not do it?
Is that 50k for winning or just for turning up. Anya - you haven't seen me dance mate. I am a right good dancer. :lol:
Ok have the army got an eqv. to the matlow 2 step shuffle? If they have, Lairdx that don't count lol
Quite the contrary Anya my little wasps nest. When dancing I have been mistaken for an epileptic on amphetamine. It was my dancing (around a steel pole as it happens) which first attracted a rather drunk mrs lairdx and look at the mess she's in now.

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