Strictly come dancing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JP47, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Fuck me, there is some outstanding bits of toned filth on show, I used to blow the back doors off a dancer a few years back but these lot raise the game.

    I would smash Ms Bussell , Victoria Pendleton and all the Pro females are fucking lush

    Anyone up for sequins and filth and who's hips would you shatter?
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  2. The bloke from Westlife.
  3. Can't type very well with my left hand I am afraid so I will get back to you when it's finished.
  4. Lisa Riley FFS.

  5. Good drills slugs, get then sparkly boots on and I'll bounce you around the Grafton

  6. so it's not for the artistic qualities and dancing skills you are watching it for then?
  7. So own up - who was hoping for a prolonged session of Vicky Pendleton based self abuse but suprisingly found that Lisa Riley finished them off?
  8. reminds me of the saying.."no matter how you dress a's still a pigs arse"
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  9. You just had to go and spoil it for us men, didnt you!!
  10. Nope, I'm extremely shallow although I may tap my foot to the odd good tune
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  11. So it's Come Dancing in the literal sense then?
  12. What's white and slides across the floor?

    Oh, is that my coat? Much obliged :)
  13. i do wonder if vicky gets sticky?
  14. Of course, I make my latest squeeze cavort around and on the coffee table whilst I take in the tunes of Queens and the Stone age cracking one off
  15. Yes you are,

    Craig Revel Horwood would have to hold a gun to my head, mmmmmmm