Strictly - Another night ruined

Get in!!! Thank fcuk for all the Eastenders Fans...
Is there space in the handcart for me too, I snorted tea all over the windscreen of the patrol car! XD
Of course obvs.

Bring pies.


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Yeah googled her now. Just started typing "Amy" and it appears I'm not the only one who's a little, ahem, inquisitive - since she pops up after merely typing 3 letters :oops:

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Amen to that Big Bozza. She is completely and utterly mega. Broken glass, wanking on shadows etc etc.


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Did she win it?

Only I'm currently watching The Hitman's Bodyguard on Film 4
Nah, the girl from Eastenders won it tonight. She was pretty good.

Amy Dowden looks like God drew her. Mint.


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Thankfully when I lost my hearing I gave up anything to do with the TV the evil her indoors can watch any thing she wants as she knows that I’ll just potter off to the man cave and or grab a book and read. One of the few perks of being deaf no TV and almost zero conversations with her win win.


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I got some very snotty looks from SWMBO when I finally couldn't contain my anger about the total wokery that is the BBC and strictly come vomiting as there was the obigatory 10 minute mutual w4nkfest on the morning news.

My comment was along the lines "utter f*cking woke BBC with two gay blokes and a deaf bird being interviewed by a lithping bint in a wheelchair".

I've kept quiet up until now but when such shite is being watched I normally retreat to the man cave and continue building the model railway.
I sort of felt like I had won the lottery. My wife detests strictly, so asked to me to help her find a film to put on instead.
Cue smaltzy, Christmas themed romantic comedy.
It was like being told you had won the lottery and finding you had won a free lucky dip.


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SWMBO - Do you want to come around for Sunday dinner, be about 6.30pm, I'm putting on a chicken roast.
Me - Oooooh that would be lovely, I'll see you then.

1830 hrs

Me - Oooh that looks lovely, I'll plate up and do the gravy. (Cue lots of kitchen banter and hugs)
SWMBO - Lovely, I'll just put Strictly Catch Up on, there's a lovely dress I want you to see and there's some lovely dancing with the blokes in WW I uniforms.
Me - No thanks
SWMBO - But you'll love it
Me - No really, I'd rather not
But it's a really lovely dress
No really, I don't want to watch it, I told you this last time I'd rather put hot needles in my eyes
But it's the catch up from last night
So record it
But it's on now
So record it (getting really p*ssed off now)
etc, etc.

10 mins later the food is sticking in my throat, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife and apart from the Strictly sh*te on the screen you can hear a pin drop.

End of the program 30 minutes later I'm sat skimming through the phone looking at various news outlets. Nothing has been said since the food was put on the table.
SWMBO gets up, clears the plates, potters around in the kitchen saying nothing with the atmosphere temperature at −273.15 degrees then announces she's going to bed.

Cue 10 minute argument where I'm made to feel a **** and she's giving out the passive aggressive cold burn treatment. Major strop on my part and back to base in a foul mood with no doubt a week of the silent treatment on the cards.

I understand that my partner is an ex-dancer and she totally loves everything about this programme but I cannot stand it, in fact I can't even begin to describe how much this sh*t gets on my tits.

My tolerance levels for a lot of things in our relationship (and to be perfectly honest life in general) has gone through the floor recently, so much so that I'm really starting to wonder if it's worth carrying on. I've been suffering from a lot of mood swings recently and it seems everytime we have a good moment it's ruined shortly afterwards by a kick off (invariable down to a misunderstanding, an argument over her stroppy daughter / overbearing sister or an imagined slight). I just don't seem to be able to find a happy medium and get back to the way our relationship used to be when I really couldn't give a **** about what she watched as long as she didn't watch it whilst I was there.
Dark lane, can of lighter fluid and a zippo. Roll of duct tape and do us all a favour take that craig revels in the boot in the bargain. I have no anger issues at all but I can honestly say I would never get bored of punching that smug face.

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